Project gives women a lift

HUNTER women are bringing new meaning to the words "charitable support".

Instead of burning their bras, local women joined a new movement and started to donate them.

Charlestown woman Suzette Gaff had previously read about the Uplift Project that donates bras to women in the Asia Pacific region and disadvantaged areas of Australia.

Women from these areas have usually never owned a bra and face health issues that include fungal infections, rashes and abscesses between the breasts.

On the rare occasion when bras are available to these women they can cost more than 30 hours of wages.

When Mrs Gaff was cleaning out her drawers recently, she remembered reading about the program and was eager to contribute to it.

She started the Hunter Bra Drive and gathered 436 bras, 70 pairs of new underpants and four pairs of swimmers throughout December. The bras were donated to Uplift at the weekend.

The project also aims to provide women with maternity bras, mastectomy bras and breast prostheses.

Email for more information.

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