Anglican Care residents' wedding vows still bind after 60 years

WHEN Margaret Dunne (nee Outrim) joined Newcastle Baptist Church's Lookout Committee, she did not think she would find the man who is still her husband 60 years later.

Tomorrow - Valentine's Day eve - marks Bruce and Margaret Dunne's diamond wedding anniversary.

The 83-year-old couple met at church in 1952, where, as a committee member, Mrs Dunne's job was to scout for people to join the congregation.

One day, Bruce Dunne was lingering behind the pews.

Preoccupied, Mrs Dunne sent her father after him, who convinced Mr Dunne to join.

A year later, the couple became engaged.

"It was like some sort of electricity went through us," Mr Dunne said.

They weremarried 12 months later and went on to buy a house in Cooks Hill where they raised four children - Julie, Jennifer, Catherine and Charles.

They moved around Newcastle until 2005, when they settled into a unit at Anglican Care, Booragul.

Mrs Dunne said the key to a long, healthy marriage was having the right attitude from the start.

"We really believed it was 'til death do us part', whereas these days the younger ones think if it doesn't work out they can get a divorce and it'll be fine."

Mr and Mrs Dunne will celebrate their anniversary next weekend when their family gathers for their granddaughter's wedding.

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