Your 15 minutes of fame: Cathy

FAMOUS: Cathy Stuart is from Lambton and loves upcycling.

FAMOUS: Cathy Stuart is from Lambton and loves upcycling.

IN keeping with Andy Warhol’s belief everyone should be famous for at least 15 minutes we bring you the stars as we make them

Name: Cathy Stuart

Heroes: Don’t really do heroes or pinups, though my daughters and husband are pretty cool; do they count?

Drink: Definitely a good coffee, and the occasional glass of a nice dry white

Movies: The Castle. Every time it comes on TV I say I won’t watch it, but once I start, I’m hooked!

Reading: Just finished Lianne Moriarty’s Big Little Lies.

Interests: Upcycling, environmental issues, upcycling, wearable art and upcycling!

Theory on life: Our economy sits within our society which sits within the environment. We must protect the environment first, for the health of everything else.

Wildest desire: That Newcastle will have a huge upcycling centre that inspires people.

Biggest drag: That Newcastle doesn’t have an upcycling centre yet!

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