Lambton High School basketballer shoots for dream to move to the United States

WITH three older brothers, basketballer Laura Dick has had her fair share of off-court competition.

The 17-year-old Lambton High student from Cooks Hill has followed in her brothers', father's and granddad's footsteps and played basketball since she was about eight.

Her mother, Caroline, said even as a baby she was interested in the game.

However, Laura took her playing career one step further than the boys in her family.

Until she was 15, Laura played basketball and netball, bouncing between the two.

A shin-splints injury forced Laura off the netball court before she was old enough to play at state level.

She was told by her doctor if she wanted to keep playing sport, she had to give up netball.

Since then, Laura forged her own basketball career long after her brothers gave up the sport.

In August, Lambton High was selected to play in the Australian All Schools Basketball Championships and they won the grand final.

She received a Hunter Academy of Sport Hunter Region Schools Sports Award in November and is a member of the Newcastle Hunters 2013-14 women's basketball team.

It is in the United States that her heart lies.

She has just returned from a three-week intensive training program in the US.

Laura said her ultimate dream was to be selected to play basketball at a US college.

Laura will sit a US-college test next year in the hope of being accepted.

BIG DREAMS: Australian All Schools basketball champion Laura Dick.

BIG DREAMS: Australian All Schools basketball champion Laura Dick.