Save Our Rail takes next step to keep Newcastle's heavy rail line

SAVE Our Rail members plan to take the train all the way to NSW Parliament as they transform their community group into a political party.

Save Our Rail president Joan Dawson says the group has exhausted every avenue possible to keep the heavy rail line in Newcastle.

She said the community group had been non-political for its entire 20-year history.

Last month the group presented 11,500 signatures to the State Parliament, calling for the heavy train line to stay.

But Ms Dawson said they were told the decision to cut transport was not a transport decision but to revitalise Newcastle.

"We consider the decision would have the opposite effect to revitalisation and that if the decision to cut transport is not a transport decision, it must be a political decision," she said.

"Planning has been absent from the process - no definite beginning or end to the proposed replacement light rail, no details of how passengers will interchange," Ms Dawson said.

"No cost/benefit analysis - just pie in the sky statements about light rail as though it will magically transform Newcastle."

Ms Dawson said she was worried about the consequences for Newcastle, including a loss of business, a loss of tourism and traffic chaos.




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