Search for a storm spooked puppy brings out the best in Caves Beach community

Caves Beach resident Susannah Ward and her Shi-tzhu puppy Satya.

Caves Beach resident Susannah Ward and her Shi-tzhu puppy Satya.

WHEN Susannah Ward moved to Caves Beach from Sydney, she had no idea how caring the local community would be.

Yet, 10 months on, she has thanked them for reuniting her with her beloved two-year-old shih-tzu puppy, Satya.

During a fierce thunderstorm on Anzac Day, Satya became frightened and ran away.

Ms Ward searched her house and nearby streets, but Satya was nowhere to be found.

Panicked, Ms Ward phoned her fiance, Andrew, who suggested to check the mangroves at the back of their house.

But as Ms Ward stepped onto the ramp that leads to the swamp, she slipped and fell onto her right arm.

Her neighbour, Bill, came to her aid and called an ambulance.

As Ms Ward was rushed to John Hunter Hospital with a broken arm, all she could think about was her dog.

When she arrived, a nurse told her that her fiance had called the emergency department to let her know a stranger had found Satya and dropped her home.

Ms Ward still doesn't know who rescued Satya that day, but she has heard how some people jumped in their cars to search for her.

"I am so grateful to the incredible person who somehow managed to catch her and bring her back home," she said.

"This wouldn't have happened in Sydney. Despite the fact that I have a painful broken arm I am truly humbled by the experience.

"I love my dog and I love this community.

"To whomever it was that picked up that soaked and deranged shih-tzu puppy: thank you."