Lake Macqaurie mayor: Council grants promote community unity

Lake Macquarie mayor Jodie Harrison
Lake Macquarie mayor Jodie Harrison

THIS week, the council launched a revamped program for a wide range of grants and sponsorship opportunities to community organisations and businesses in the arts, recreation, events and business sectors.

The council is supportive of groups and organisations that host community, business, cultural or sporting events because these opportunities help to create social cohesion, meaningful relationships and vibrant community life.

Sponsorship, grants and community funding offered by the council are designed to give a helping hand to the valuable not-for-profit organisations and businesses so they can get on with work that enriches our community.

I hope these funding initiatives entice community members to brainstorm ideas that unite people and enhance our diverse region.

These events could be anything from a local fund-raising barbecue to running a festival or charity art class to a regional touch football event.

Community organisations can sometimes do it tough when it comes to raising money to achieve their goals and activities, and council is proud to provide funding assistance where possible.

If you know of a suitable community group, activity or commercial event that could benefit from council funding, encourage them to learn more about the council's funding programs at or phone 4921 0333.