Novacastrians urged to raid wardrobes and drawers for bras to help Asian Pacific women

Raid My Wardrobe founder Rachel Prest
Raid My Wardrobe founder Rachel Prest

RAID My Wardrobe founder Rachel Prest has joined with the Uplift Project to do a bra drive on Sunday.

After a Facebook post about recycling bras revealed Newcastle women would not buy someone else’s preloved bra, Ms Prest followed up the idea of a bra drive.

ON Sunday, June 1, she will support the Uplift Project by doing the first bra drive at the pre-loved clothing market, Raid My Wardrobe, to support women in Asian Pacific countries. 

Bras allow air flow between the breast and the chest wall and in humid climates can help stop rashes, fungal infections and abscesses. 

Since 2005, with help from Intimo and Rotary, the Uplift Project has sent more than 650,000 bras to 11 Asia Pacific countries, including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, the Philippines, Bali, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

In many of these countries, a new bra, if available can cost 10 to 30 hours of wages and second-hand bras are rarely available. 

Usually, the bra received from the Uplift Project is often the only one that a woman owns. 

Ms Prest is asking Newcastle’s women to raid their lingerie drawers for bras of all sizes and types, including maternity bras, crop tops, mastectomy bras and prostheses, swimwear and new underwear, for the drive.

All donations can be dropped off  at the June 1 Raid My Wardrobe event. 

She is also looking for sponsors to assist with costs of transporting the donated bras to Uplift Project’s Campbelltown Depot. 

■ Raid My Wardrobe, Sunday June 1, at Newcastle Basketball Stadium from 10am to 1pm, entry $5. Go to for more information.