Lake Macquarie mayor: Well-placed to serve residents

Lake Macquarie mayor Jodie Harrison
Lake Macquarie mayor Jodie Harrison

THE end of the financial year means tax returns, new budget cycles, and for the council it also marks the release of the Division of Local Government's council performance report card.

I am pleased Lake Macquarie City Council continues to perform strongly on all key economic efficiency and financial management measures.

The council has significant responsibility in providing more than 90 services for our 200,000 residents, so it is important we use our resources as effectively as we can to meet the needs of our community.

This year's report card shows that Lake Macquarie provides a more efficient use of community funds when compared to its peer group of councils and the NSW average.

In the 2012-2013 financial year, the council operated with significantly lower costs per person, and had fewer employees per capita than our neighbouring councils.

Overall, the council is outperforming the NSW average on most points of comparison.

These results are similar to the past three years, which demonstrates that the council continues to be well placed to provide good-quality daily services.

The council continues to have a good record for development approvals with the third lowest average number of days to determine development applications, and an Infrastructure Audit assessed the council's infrastructure management to be strong.