Opinion: Lake Macquarie's water a priority

IT'S Local Government Week, a time to celebrate the many services and diversity of work councils do to nurture healthy communities and build vibrant cities and towns.

As a Lake Macquarie resident, I feel privileged to live in a city where quality council facilities and services benefit so many parts of my everyday life.

High on my list of things to celebrate this week is Lake Macquarie City Council's long-term work to improve water quality in the lake, which during the past decade has resulted in a 240 per cent improvement in water clarity.

When kayaking with my mum and kids, I appreciate even more deeply why residents consistently rate a clean and healthy lake as one of the most important services the council provides.

In a city graced with beautiful waterways and great beaches, teaching our children to swim is one of the most essential things we can do.

I am pleased to report that the council runs 7300 learn-to-swim classes a year to teach essential skills and build kids' confidence so they are comfortable, strong and happy in the water.

Local government's role is to adapt and embrace new technologies and offer services that meet the emerging needs of local communities.

All residents, especially our children, are the beneficiaries of these new-and-improved services.

It has certainly enriched my children's lives to have access to excellent local libraries that allow them to access e-books online from home.

I hope you will join me in taking a moment this week to reflect on the contribution council services and facilities make to your life in Lake Macquarie.