Cows stray on to roads at Shortland

Up to 10 head of cattle have been seen regularly straying from the wetland paddock areas in Shortland onto local roads causing a traffic hazard to motorists at night.

Several local roads in the Shortland area have been affected, particularly Sandgate Road between Tillie Street and Vale Street, with the cattle regularly sighted around the intersection with Cobby Street.

Newcastle council has not been able to identify an owner of the cattle to this point, and some of the cattle may have been living in the wetland areas unattended for a long period of time.

The cattle are coming up from the wetlands at night and entering locals streets in Shortland looking for fresh grass to eat on the side of the road.

Motorists are warned to watch out for these stray cattle, particularly when driving in the affected area at night.

The animals appear to be wild and include a few bulls so please do not attempt to corner them or approach them in any way.

Newcastle council is investigating a range of options to capture or contain these animals.  

In the meantime, straying cattle warning signs will be placed along Sandgate Road to alert motorists to the hazard.

If anyone in the community has information about these cattle, they can phone the council on 4974 2522.


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