Waratah West Public School students lead crusade to clean up Koba Creek

MOST primary schoolers are known for their untidiness but some Novocastrian youngsters are bucking the trend.

Children at Waratah West Public School are leading a crusade to clean up Newcastle urban creeks, and they want the community to be involved.

The school has partnered with Wetland Care Australia to teach students about the local environment through the Kids Caring for Creeks program.

During the two-week program students learn about the values of urban creeks, threats faced by native plants and animals and how to care for creeks. There is also a habitat hike.

Students are encouraged to pass on what they have learnt to the community.

To date the activities have prompted an enthusiastic response from students in years 3 and 4.

"It was good to go out and see the animals," said year 4 student Grace Ross.

"I told my parents and they are proud of what we are doing."

This week about 20 students delivered brochures to 175 homes neighbouring the school that explained how residents can help to keep nearby Koba Creek, named by the school, clean.

The Kids Caring for Creeks is part of the Newcastle Riparian-Ramsar Connections project, which aims to restore urban waterways in Newcastle.

WetlandCare Australia senior project officer Verity Robson accompanied students as they delivered their brochures and she praised the school's involvement.

"Waratah West have been really positive about the program," Ms Robson said.

"There has been a lot of rubbish dumped in these creeks. Koba Creek runs into major wetlands at Hexham so cleaning up things here can make a big difference."

Go to wetlandcare.com.au for more information.