Tennis junior Bradley Mousley hit with two-year competition ban for drug use

Drugs in sport is not far from a headline and this explosive subject continues to be in the press with the AFL and NRL still having their dramas.

Performance enhancing drugs and their masking agents are certainly in the realm of the professional athlete but the temptation of societies party / social drugs are always a threat.

These demons of our society spare no section with children as young as 11 or 12 or well educated high society members such as Harriet Wran affected.

We as a society have to give to our youth and all society the tools "to say NO to drugs" of all forms.

Unfortunately Tennis Australian has it’s own drug problems with the nations number one junior Bradley Mousley testing positive for ecstasy.

Mousley has admitted taking the party drug two days prior to competition and is now facing a two year ban from all competitions, which would probably destroy his career.

Bradley has had all his Tennis Australia elite athlete privileges revoked and is looking at a life of unfulfilled dreams.

He has let himself and his family down, how disappointed would his father be who works for Tennis Australia?

All due to the demons of drugs.

Let this unfortunate saga be a warning to all young aspiring tennis players. "Say NO to drugs"

On a positive note Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre suspended it’s Friday night junior competition last week and staged a very successful parent and child evening.

With more than participants the centre was full with enthusiastic young and not so young players.

Head coach Brett Durrance had the barbecue firing and kept all those waiting with energetic ball machine routines.

A fun night was had by all and how great to see the whole family playing together.

Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre congratulates team Cruizers, Lynn Webb, Suzanne Montgomery, Bronwen Tyler and Carol Kelly-Moore,  for winning the centre’s latest Monday ladies competition and Mitchell and Jake Gill for winning the latest Thursday night division one singles and doubles competition.

Well done to all players participating as healthy competition is great for the mind and the body.

Adding to the earlier section on drugs adults competing in a happy and healthy environment creates good role models for our younger players to look up to.

Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre and all clubs encourage your involvement in this wonderful sport for all ages and standards.