Opinion: Get ready for TV changes

AS the final step in Australia's move to digital-only TV, some channels will be changing frequencies.

After the frequencies change, you'll need to retune your digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder to find the channels that have moved.

Newcastle's retune will happen on Wednesday, September 10.

Be sure to mark your diary so you can keep receiving all the free-to-air digital TV channels.

This change will free up broadcasting spectrum so that it can be used for new services such as mobile broadband, and the retune will affect most TV viewers.

If you watch TV via the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service, the retune won't affect you.

If you watch your free-to-air channels via pay TV, your set-top box may be retuned for you by your provider.

People living in apartments may be using a shared antenna system that may need to be retuned before people can retune their individual TVs and TV equipment.

Some equipment may automatically detect changes to the channels and retune itself, or it may prompt you to retune.

If you are missing a free-to-air digital TV channel or channels, you will need to retune.

Most people would have scanned for channels when they bought a new television - retuning follows the same process, called auto-tuning or auto-scanning. Press the menu button on your remote, look for your set-up options and select words like channels or auto-tuning.

For more information: digitalready.gov.au/retune or call 1800 201 013.


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