Lake Macquarie council campaign helps motorists see cyclists as legitimate road users | video

FAIR DEAL: Candace Sherriff on her bike at Merewether beach.
FAIR DEAL: Candace Sherriff on her bike at Merewether beach.

MEREWETHER'S Candace Sherriff is a wife and a working mother of two.

But you wouldn't know that just by looking at her.

Mrs Sherriff's story is one of five to feature in a new video campaign aimed at increasing awareness of cyclists and encouraging motorists to "see the person, not just the bike".

The Lake Macquarie City Council video is the second phase of its The Life Cycle campaign, which was launched last October with a community ride.

The Australian-first campaign ties in with the council's Cycling Strategy 2021, which identifies cyclists as legitimate road users and aims to foster social approval of cycling.

The Life Cycle video campaign, courtesy of Lake Macquarie City Council

Since 2005, eight cyclists have been killed on Lake Macquarie roads and another 50 have been injured since 2012 - statistics Mrs Sherriff is all too familiar with.

She has been knocked off her bike by passing cars, as has her husband, Gary.

They moved to Australia from South Africa three years ago.

The couple cycle the Fernleigh Track most weekends with their sons Joshua, 8, and Luke, 6, and venture onto the road during the week.

Mrs Sherriff said she felt the most vulnerable on Australian roads.

"Australians have a perception that cyclists aren't allowed on the road," she said.

"They hoot at you, which gives you a bigger fright and makes you swerve."