Finding Love book inspires singles not to give up in search for love

HAPPY: Author Carolyn Martinez and her husband Saul at their New Lambton Heights home.
HAPPY: Author Carolyn Martinez and her husband Saul at their New Lambton Heights home.

NEW Lambton Heights author Carolyn Martinez was thrown a massive curve ball when she went through a break-up at age 32.

She had spent 12 years with her former beau and found it difficult to adjust to single life.

Despite being an independent woman, Martinez said she felt unprepared for the depth of loss including her ex's friends and family, issues of loneliness and society's perception of her being single and in her 30s.

So Martinez decided to research and write the book she wished she had been able to read when she had first become single.

Finding Love: 7 Things you need to Know Before You Date again will be launched this week.

She's interviewed men and women aged between 30 and 72 for the book, with about half from Newcastle.

As a former newspaper editor, Martinez has a knack for hunting down compelling real-life stories for her books.

Martinez first put the call out for people to be in Finding Love in November 2011, just a few weeks after she launched her first book Inspiring IVF Stories.

She's pulled together some interesting case studies, as well as practical tips and information for those who have found themselves 30-plus and single again.

"It's fascinating to explore one topic from both the female and male perspectives," she said.

"The interviewees trusted me with their stories and have been extremely open about their personal experiences.

"The stories in Finding Love will inspire readers that, despite hurts of the past, it is possible and worthwhile to fall in love again."

Finding Love will be launched at Nobbys Lighthouse this Saturday, July 18, at 10am. All are welcome.