Insightful journey for Newcastle IVF author

DISCOVERING the psychological differences between men and women has been an insightful journey for Newcastle author Carolyn Martinez.

Mrs Martinez recently quit her job to become a full-time writer following the success of her first book, Inspiring IVF Stories.

This novel encompasses a spectrum of tales from egg donors and egg recipients, both successful and unsuccessful.

She interviewed 23 men and women, mostly from the Newcastle area, about their experiences with IVF.

Mrs Martinez and her husband's journey with IVF is also featured in the book.

Since publishing the book late last year, Mrs Martinez has been in a constant dialogue with hopeful parents and successful families about their journeys.

She is about to embark on a NSW coast library tour, including a session at Speers Point Library.

The library visits will mostly be question and answer sessions.

She plans to talk about IVF from the perspective of parents-to-be as well as "the things the doctors can't tell you".

She said communication between the man and the woman was often a key element to IVF being a success.

"Men and women often speak in different ways," Mrs Martinez said.

"For it it work, they really need to know where their partner is and where the support will come from.

"I'm hoping that women will bring along their husbands along [to the library sessions]."

Mrs Martinez said hopeful parents could learn a lot from other people's experiences, both good and bad.

"It's also good for people to step outside their own circumstances and get some light-hearted relief," she said.

■ Carolyn Martinez will appear at Speers Point Library on Tuesday, October 30 at 6pm.

For more information or to book a free spot, phone 4921 0463.

Carolyn Martinez

Carolyn Martinez