New centre for Newcastle helps people heal for life.

Everyone can heal. That is the message Heal for Life founder Liz Mulliner wants people impacted by trauma to know.

Heal for Life are a Hunter-based, not-for profit organisation to help people who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse.

It offers group residential healing week programs for kids, young people and adults as well as private retreats at its property in Quorrobolong in the Hunter Valley and will expand its services when it opens a new centre in Newcastle in the New Year.

Ms Mulliner, a child abuse survivor, has spent 20 years researching the impact of trauma on the brain and developing cost-effective, survivor-led programs that give victims of childhood trauma tools to help them to heal.  

“Anyone can heal from anything that is causing them pain; change is possible,” Ms Mulliner said.

“The idea of the centre is that there will be highly trained people … to help people start on their journey or help them as they continue their journey.

“It’s also not about making money. We wanted to make an affordable service. It’s about being able to access trained people in a safe environment where they are heard and understood.” 

The centre will be located in Mayfield and has six counselling rooms.

Heal for Life chairman Don Magin child abuse and trauma is the nation’s most destructive issue and is estimated to be costing more than $9b each year.

He said childhood trauma was strongly linked to depression, drug addiction and other social issues and “we are seeing increased demand for services”. 

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