Your 15 minutes of fame: Callum

In keeping with Andy Warhol's belief everyone should be famous for at least 15 minutes we bring you the stars as we make them

FAMOUS: Callum Baillie dances like nobody is watching

FAMOUS: Callum Baillie dances like nobody is watching

Name: Callum Landon Baillie

Heroes: My mother and father 

Drink: Scotch 

Reading:Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini 

Music: The Beatles, Dean Martin and Owl city 

Dance: Like nobody is watching 

Loves: The country

Hates: Hate is a strong word. I don't hate anything but I dislike a great many things. Green ants being one.

Underwear: Jocks, clean 

Interests: Music, specifically singing

Theory on life: You can believe what you want in life just don't force your beliefs on anyone. Happiness is what I chase in life. 

Wildest desire: To make music that makes your heart skip a beat. Music is powerful.

Biggest drag: Not being able to travel more