Matt Bradford on tour

ON THE ROAD: Matt Bradford will promote his debut EP Natural on a 12-date east coast tour.
ON THE ROAD: Matt Bradford will promote his debut EP Natural on a 12-date east coast tour.

MATT BRADFORD has kicked off his 12-date east coast tour which will see him play his final show in Newcastle.

Bradford, 20, is hitting the road to promote his debut EP Natural, which was released in September 2016.

Raised in Mulbring, west of West Wallsend, Bradford attended Hunter School of Performing Arts. After graduating in 2014 he headed to Melbourne where he lives and works as a musician. 

“I’m doing a lot of restaurant and cafe work, pushing the EP,” he said. 

Natural showcases Bradford’s song writing talents with five original tunes. 

“It should have taken two months, but it ended up taking five … it’s bit hard to say, ‘Hey, this is OK,” he said.

Bradford said the album is about love, “all types of love”. 

“There is a song about my parents, You Loved Me First,” he said. 

“They’re about heartache, infatuation.

“The first track is Keep Holding You, a Sunday morning when you don’t want to leave bed song.

“It’s about all aspects of love, I think the world needs more of it.”

A heavy James Taylor influence is apparent on the beautifully arranged recording,  which was made in his bedroom. 

“It’s a massive influence,” Bradford said. “I started listening to James Taylor at 15 years old and thought it was the best thing ever.

“I got his greatest hits album and have not gone back since.

“There is an age where you stop just listening to what’s on the radio and you start going on your own musical journey, with your own influences, and James Taylor was one of the first.”

“So was John Mayer, Jason Mraz ... Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, I love Keith Urban.”

Bradford will take the material on the road with Josh Barnett, who will move from guitar, keys and bass to drums throughout the show. 

The duo will also play markets and busk and live in a van while on the road. 

The recording is available for digital download from iTunes

Next gig: The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel on February 23.