That soulful Dan Phelan

PICK IT UP: Dan Phelan at the helm as The Schorcher.
PICK IT UP: Dan Phelan at the helm as The Schorcher.

Name: DJ Dan Phelan, aka The Scorcher. I named myself The Scorcher after one of my favourite rocksteady songs by Errol Dunkley. He recorded the song in Jamaica in 1968 when he was just 16 or 17. Obviously The Scorcher is a pretty boss name!

What I do: I’m a good old fashioned record selector.

How long have you been DJing?: I started DJing about eight years ago at the Soul Shakedown Party at The View Factory, where I played rocksteady, ska and soul. I wanted to be around this sort of music, and no-one else in Newcastle was doing it, so I thought why not!

What makes you want to do what you are doing?: I absolutely love music. I love discovering wonderful 50-year-old tunes that I haven’t heard before. I love playing them in bars and having a chat with punters and other DJs over a few beers.

Describe your sound: I love all sorts of music, but I love to play soul, funk, rockabilly, punk, rhythm and blues, garage and Jamaican oldies on vintage 7” singles, aka 45s.

Dream support gig and why: I love playing and hanging out with people that have amazing records. It would be cool to spend a night drinking and spinning tunes with Scottish DJ Keb Darge.

Are there any recordings, if so tell us about them? If you search on Mixcloud/Dan-Phelan I have a couple of mixes up there. Just records I like and a few DJ sets from The Edwards and The Olive Tree Market.

Plans for world domination: My mate Juz and I have plans to make everyone in Newcastle become reggae fans through our Newcastle Vintage Jamaican Music Appreciation Society.

Greatest rock’n’roll moment: Hahaha, I once had a blast in a small Enmore bar drinking Jack and Coke and spinning records before Rusty from You Am I and his partner Boonge. They have an insane record collection and impeccable taste. I guess you could call that a brush with rock’n’roll.

Next gig:  April 29, Jamaican Sounds at Antojitos with DJ Chuan;  April 30, Sunday Soul Sessions at Maryville Tavern with DJ Tone; and May 7, Sunday Soul Sessions at The Seabreeze Hotel Nelson Bay with DJ Tone.