Your 15 minutes of fame: Sunny

FAMOUS: Sunny Martin Willoughby loves a longneck of beer.

FAMOUS: Sunny Martin Willoughby loves a longneck of beer.

In keeping with Andy Warhol’s belief everyone should be famous for at least 15 minutes we bring you the stars as we make them

Name: Sunny Martin Willoughby

Heroes: My mum and any of her girlfriends; they are all legends.

Pinups: Michael Hutchence & Sam Fox (really I have Tom Kearney, Geoff Munnings & Tony Langford's art on my walls).

Drink: Three pack of Tooheys New long necks (you can take the girl outta Newey but you can't take Newey outta the girl, MAAAAATE! )

Food: Leftovers, old food, recycled food, free food, cheap food, food other people throw out

Movies: Dogs In Space, Death At A Funeral (UK version only), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sid and Nancy - anything that makes me laugh or makes me feel hip and groovy!

Reading: Anything by Courtney Collins! (I LOVE HER!) or Fiona Black (I LOVE HER TOO!)

Music: Divinyls, Eurythmics, Suzanne Vega, Joan Armatrading, Nina Cherry

Dance: Yes please. More please.

Loves: Women, men, my children, my family, teaching, teenagers, people, books, art, music, fashion and Phil (my partner. Hohum. Not necessarily in this order.)

Hates: Stray hairs, inequity, jealousy, inequity, putting on weight, inequity

Underwear: bras yes (two - one I've worn almost every day for two years since I bought it second hand on eBay and one for special occasions - a size 10 DD red push up! Woot!) Knickers nah.

Perfume: Anything Gilli Pepper wears - Angel, Poison, Jean Paul Gaultier

Interests: Feminism, Indigenous education, teenagers, literature, art, ideas, family

Theory on life: Connection/Empathy/Joy

Wildest desire: Multiple lives with same me to explore all options

Biggest drag: Chook poo on the verandah