Paid domestic violence leave raised in Parliament by Federal Member for Newcastle, Sharon Claydon

Leave needed: Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon calls for workplace reform.

Leave needed: Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon calls for workplace reform.

PAID domestic and family violence leave was back on the table in Parliament last week, with Sharon Claydon declaring the issue a “matter of urgency.”

The Federal Member for Newcastle and chair of Labor’s Status of Women Committee told parliament that the rates of domestic and family violence in Australia were “horrifying,” despite increased national attention.

“One in four women experience intimate partnership violence; women are five times more likely than men to require medical attention or hospitalisation as a result of intimate partner violence; and one women is killed in Australia by a partner or an ex every single week,” Ms Claydon said.

“Given that more than one half of domestic violence victims – most of them women – are in full-time work, workplace reform is critical.

“Domestic violence leave crushes stigma and protects employees from discrimination. It brings the issue out from behind closed doors and sends a clear message to employees that they have understanding and support in their workplace.”

Ms Claydon called on the Turnbull government to match Labor’s commitment to 10 days of domestic and family violence leave.

“If Mr Turnbull is genuine about his determination to address the scourge of domestic violence, he needs to match his talk with action. Amend the National Employment Standards as a matter of urgency.”