Andrew Finnie at Maitland Gallery

One of the works on exhibition depicting Hugo Ball.

One of the works on exhibition depicting Hugo Ball.

AN Exhibition of works by Newcastle Artist Andrew Finnie is currently on show at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. 

Titled The Enlightening Journey of Mr Hugo Ball, the exhibition features a series of digital paintings. 

Hugo Ball, was a writer and poet and also thefounder of the Dada Anti Art movement.

In Zurich, during the February of 1916,  Ball launched the movement by reciting a nonsensical poem entitled Karawane to a bewildered public.

“Dada decried that all art and culture that had gone before was worthless, so the premise for the show is tomplace Hugo Ball in digital homages to famous artists,” Finnie said.

“And to give him a metaphorical education.”

Another premise of the work is to bring forgotten artists who were famous in their time, back to the public's eye.

The show runs until April 29. 

The Maitland Regional Art Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, between 10am and 5pm.