Newcastle Road speed limit: Sonia Hornery to take RMS change to parliament

RAGE over roads in Newcastle slowing down will head to state parliament. 

Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery has flagged plans to move a notice of motion on Tuesday calling for the data behind 10km/hr speed drops on Thomas Street, Newcastle Road and Griffiths Road to be released. 

Ms Hornery says her calls for a greater depth of detail have gone unanswered for two weeks. She has previously said she wants to know if the accidents on the stretch are low-speed, high-speed or related to congestion. 

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesman told Fairfax Media on Monday the new limit would come into effect at the end of the week when new signage was in place. 

He said the speed review “assessed a number of factors including crash history, road geometry, road environment, traffic volumes and the number of access points”. 

“The very high traffic volumes, high number of driveways and intersections, the hilly road alignment and limited sight lines to traffic queued at intersections have contributed to a high number of crashes,” he said. 

“In the five years between July 2011 and June 2016 there were 382 crashes, including 272 injury crashes along this 8.5 kilometre section of road. The injury crash rate per kilometre is almost five times higher than the typical rate for an urban arterial road with a 70km/h speed limit.”

Ms Hornery said she was disappointed more information was not forthcoming. 

“It is really important for me to be able to have a conversation with the community about decisions such as this speed limit reduction,” she said. 

“There is widespread community anger and confusion around this decision and as the local Member I would like to be able to provide an explanation to my electorate, but without the information that is not possible.”

“If they won’t answer my calls and emails then I will try and bring on a debate in Parliament about it.”