Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Nicholas Price

MUSO: Nic Price is preparing for his Foo Fighters debut.
MUSO: Nic Price is preparing for his Foo Fighters debut.

In keeping with Andy Warhol's belief everyone should be famous for at least fifteen minutes, we bring you the stars as we make them.

Name: Nicholas Price

Drink: The very pretty, colourful, tasty drinks no guy ever wants to admit to liking. I mean, beer.

Food: Intoxicated: Oasis kebab; sober: Oasis kebab.

Movies: Anything Marvel, anything Leonardo DiCaprio touches.

Reading: Only menus really, have never been much of a reader.

Music: Family Dog is pretty sweet. Can’t go past Tenacious D or Foo Fighters though.

Dance: Just call me MJ.

Loves: Music, bludging, coriander.

Hates: Velcro. What a rip off that stuff is.

Interests: Dodgeball and making music.

Wildest Desires: Being that guy that gets pulled from crowd at a Foo Fighters concert to play a song and not mess it up.

Biggest Drag: Setting an alarm.

Theory on Life: Our sun is the nucleus of a single atom in which our planets are it’s orbiting electrons. We are minuscule in this vast universe. Science b***h.

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