Newcastle Music Collective has eyes on the long-game

FRESH TALENT: Dyer Maker are one of the acts which are part of the Newcastle Music Collective stable.
FRESH TALENT: Dyer Maker are one of the acts which are part of the Newcastle Music Collective stable.

NEWCASTLE Music Collective (NMC) has its eye on the long-game.

What started out as a group of friends, who had all undertaken the TAFE music business course, has been doing the hard yards on the long road to rock’n’roll since 2016. 

And while some of the original founders are no longer associated with the collective, Ben Campbell and Alex McWhirther have continued to grow the business. 

The collective’s business is two pronged. It manages talent and books shows for venues.

“NMC started as a label-agency in a way, to help the artist that we have met and seen over the years, and to help to steer them in the right direction,” MrWhirther said. 

“But not only that, helping Newcastle to showcase some of greatest acts we have to offer in a way that wasn't available to independent original artist.

“We like to see NMC becoming a label where we can attract more international acts to come and tour in Newcastle but also helping acts in Newcastle to break an international market.”

Last year, Sam King joined the collective. He is studying entertainment business management and plans to grow the collective in the Sydney market. 

“Newcastle is beyond vibrant at the moment, there such an incredible pool of talent and especially new upcoming bands<” King said.  “There is such diversity that cater for all markets.

“Yeah, definitely we’re seeing a lot of acts from Newy taking on the international scene such as Gooch Palms, Trophy Eyes and Vacations.

“If they are making waves over seas, why shouldn’t the rest of Australia see Newcastle as a creative hub.”

One of the bands on their books are dave.

“That happened pretty recently, and they are probably our biggest act,” Mr McWhirther said. 

Also on their roster is: Dyer Maker, Byren, Red City, Seven Suns, The Waxfinz, Diplazar, Mac Da Villain and Talakai.

They also work with multiple artists on a freelance basis. They invite artists to get in contact with them.