Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Gorgia Watkins

Gorgia doesn't hide her love of sausage dogs.

Gorgia doesn't hide her love of sausage dogs.

In keeping with Andy Warhol's belief everyone should be famous for at least fifteen minutes, we bring you the stars as we make them.

Name: Gorgia Watkins.

Drink: Hot chocolate... or vodka lemon lime & bitters... or a mix of the two.

Food: Anything sweet.

Movies: The Greatest Showman, Step Brothers and most Marvel movies.

Reading: Anything true crime, although I don’t read a lot.

Music: Queen B, the 1975 and most recently the Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

Dance: Can’t say it’s pleasing to the eye.

Loves: Eating, napping, the rain and sausage dogs.

Hates: People that chew with their mouth open.

Interests: Interior design and travelling.

Wildest Desires: Travelling the world and one day owning a sausage dog.

Biggest Drag: Getting out of bed on a cold morning.

Theory on Life: Everything happens for a reason.

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