Lake Macquarie's Repair Cafe is now fixing up pushbikes

BICYCLE maintenance and repairs will be on offer when Toronto Community Centenary Hub hosts the next Repair Cafe on Saturday, July 21. 

The new service will be added to the usual clothing repairs, offered by Upcycle and The Women’s Shed, and the garden tool repairs offered at the inaugural Repair Cafe in May. 

Repair cafes have become an international movement dedicated to repairing and sometimes re-purposing items that might otherwise be thrown out.

The Toronto and Warners Bay area sustainable neighbourhood groups have teamed up to launch repair cafes in Lake Macquarie.

“Instead of throwing out broken household goods to landfill, people can lean to repair a pre-loved garment or tool,” Stephen Dewar, of Toronto Area Sustanable Neighbourhood Group, said. 

“This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and people learn to share valuable and practical repairing skills – many of which are being lost over time.”

The first Repair Cafe was held at Toronto Community Centenary Hub, on Saturday, May 19.

Locals were invited to take along clothing and garden tools that needed repair and, under direct guidance, be taught how to fix the garment or tool themself.

So participants learned such things as hemming, how to patch split seams or tears, how to adjust seams, and sharpen garden tools.

“And people can do this while enjoying a coffee or tea, and a treat,” Mr Dewar said.

At Saturday’s Repair Cafe, locals can add bicycle maintenance to the skills they could learn.

Saturday’s Repair Cafe will operate from 1pm to 4pm. Phone Mr Dewar on 0401 180 669 for more information.