Fifteen Minutes of Fame: John Waddell

In keeping with Andy Warhol's belief everyone should be famous for at least fifteen minutes, we bring you the stars as we make them.

Name: John Waddell.

Heroes: I don’t have any heroes.

Drink: Southern Comfort & Coke, Corona & Orange.

Food: Baked Bean Pizza.

Movies: Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction and National Lampoon’s Animal House just to name a few.

Reading: Mojo, Uncut, any music biographies or LP inner notes.

Music: The Sports, The Celibate Rifles, R.E.M. and The Replacements.

Dance: Yes, but probably not in the conventional sense.

Loves: Music, movies, writing, loud shirts, my first (and should have been only) love.

Hates: Animal cruelty, arrogance, anyone who invades someone else’s privacy, being used.

Interests: Darts, tenpin bowling.

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