Windale Public get out the spades and soil to celebrate Planet Ark's annual School Tree Day | photos

Every year Planet Ark’s School Tree Day sees more than 3,000 preschools, primary and high schools across Australia planting trees, digging new gardens and getting grubby for nature.

This year, more than 470,000 native seedlings, trees, shrubs and flowers were planted in schools all over the country, and that included Windale Public School’s busy students.

The annual event, organised by Bunnings Belmont, saw spades whipped out by the youngsters and teachers alike in Windale as they turned their school playground into a “green paradise”.

2018’s national-wide event also saw nearly 3,000 nature-care programs registered, including classroom lessons and active bush walks.

If you’re interested in bringing the annual School Tree Day to your local primary or high school, register interest online at