Fishing tips with Cameron Judd from Swansea RSL Fishing Club

This weekend looks set to be a bit cooler, making fishing a bit more comfortable after last week’s scorcher especially for those fishing in boats.

TOP CATCH: Richard Thomas with a 1.2kg bream from Lake Macquarie.

TOP CATCH: Richard Thomas with a 1.2kg bream from Lake Macquarie.

The smart ones left their fishing till after dark, with some nice jew having been taken off our local beaches during the night last week. Preferred baits are tailor either whole of in part, and squid and run up to the top of the tide the best time.

Jew fish have also been taken in the lake, but a bit of effort and time required with plenty of big flathead being taken as by-catch. The first prawn run of the season this week will see squid numbers pick up around the drop over and into the channel with bream and whiting also moving down the channel and onto the beaches.

While the prawns aren’t in enough numbers for a good feed, they will make for excellent live bait if kept alive. Offshore fishing is still a bit quiet with the water temps still hovering around 16 0 . Sand flathead are still the best option around the 30 – 40m mark up and down the coast with the reefs throwing up mixed catches for small squire and trevally.

The run of kingfish off Nora Head is slowing down also with several boats coming home empty handed last week.

On the Water this Week:

TEMPS: 16 degrees

Visibility: not bad

Moon: dark

Swell: low

Tides: high, mid-morning

  • Cameron Judd is the President of Swansea RSL Fishing Club