What's on in the Hunter this week

TALL TALES: Catch The Betoota Advocate Roadshow at the Civic Theatre on Tuesday.

TALL TALES: Catch The Betoota Advocate Roadshow at the Civic Theatre on Tuesday.

5 Sawyers Wednesday, The ‘So What’ Supper Club. Thursday, Off The Record ft Deejay Tone & DJ Mathmatics. Friday, Jethro Thorpe, Back to the 90s. Saturday, DJ Z4KLND. Sunday, Crocq & Friends.

Adamstown Uniting Church Saturday, Sing Along To The Show – Songs of the War Years.

Anna Bay Tavern Saturday, The Way. Sunday, Duncan Woods.

Argenton House Friday, The DuoTones. Saturday, Dean Kyrwood Duo. Sunday, Adrianna Mac Duo.

Argyle House Wednesday, Sweet Kicks. 

Australia Hotel Cessnock Saturday, Got It Covered.

Bar Petite Friday, Adrienne. Sat - Danny & Jake.

Battlesticks Bar Wednesday, Codi Kaye. Friday, Nicko. Saturday, John Larder. Sunday, Madelyn. 

Belmont 16s Wednesday, Seniors Concert with Stephen R. Cheney presents The Country.

Friday, Mr James Band, Just Jade. Saturday, No Quarter Hammer Of The Gods Led Zeppelin Show, Anthology, Pete Gelzinnis. Sunday, 2 Left Feet. 

Belmore Hotel Saturday, Stiletto.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, All Access 80s. Saturday, Snape Trilogy. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band.

Blackbutt Hotel Friday, Spank N The Monkey.

The Bradford Friday, Allstar. Saturday, Early Daze.

Bulahdelah Bowling Club Saturday, Loose Bazooka.

Burwood Inn Friday, Ngariki.

Cambridge Hotel Friday, Something Good, e4444e, First Beige, Morgana Osaki, Rum Jungle, Holiday Basement. Saturday, The Aints! play The Saints, Them Wild Oats, Wavevom. Sunday, Something Something Explosion, Smacked Youth, Roxferry. 

Cardiff RSL Club Saturday, Gen-R-8.

Catho Pub Saturday, Jamie Martens. Sunday, Bad Paris.

Caves Beach Hotel Friday, Big Night Out.

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Saturday, Joel Oakhill. 

Central Hotel Stroud Saturday, Chris Saxby. 

Cessnock Leagues Club Friday, Megan Core. Saturday, Paparazzi. 

Civic Theatre Thursday, ACO: Tognetti’s Beethoven. Friday and Saturday, The Wharf Revue: Deja Revue. Tuesday, The Betoota Advocate Roadshow. 

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Jackson Halliday.

Club Kotara Saturday, Morning Glory. 

Club Lemon Tree Friday, Snape Trilogy. Saturday, Anthony Lee.

Club Macquarie Sunday, Gen-R-8.

Club Maitland City Friday, Steve Werren.

Coal and Cedar Wednesday, Still Got The Blues. 

Colliery Inn Friday, Brien McVernon. Sunday, Zane Penn.

Commercial Hotel Boolaroo Friday, Maryanne Rex.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Friday, Andrew G. Saturday, Kristo and King.

Croatian Wickham Sports Club Friday, Ron Knight & The The Fabulous Daze.

Crown & Anchor Hotel Saturday, Gerda & Dave, DJ Standing Ovation.  

Customs House Wednesday, Hayden Shepherd. Friday, Chris Saxby. Sunday, Ben Travis.

Cypress Lakes Friday, Tom Christie. Saturday, Hayden Johns. 

D’Albora Marina Sunday, Tyler John.

Denman Hotel Sunday, Sami Cooke.

Duke Of Wellington Friday, Matt McLaren. Saturday, Redline Duo. 

East Cessnock Bowling Club Thursday, Snowy Robson. Saturday, Andrew G.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday, Gen-R-8. Saturday, The 3. Sunday, Cotton, Sax & Strings.

Eatons Hotel Saturday, Matt Gaudry.

Edgeworth Tavern Friday, Full Throttle. Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth Duo.

Exchange Hotel Saturday, The Search Party. Sunday, Mark Wells Duo. 

Family Hotel Maitland Friday, Burn N Carrot. Sunday, Darren Rolling Keys.

The Flying Tiger 231 Friday, Nano Live – Latino Night.

Gallipoli Legion Club Saturday, King Shakey. 

Gateshead Tavern Friday, Got It Covered. Sunday, Outerphase.

George Tavern Friday, Kaylah Anne. Saturday, KR Duo.

Grain Store Sunday, J.J King.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Eamon Dilworth’s VIATA.

Grand Junction Hotel Wednesday, Dave Wells. Friday, Tracy McNeil & The Good Life. Sunday, Lost Ragas.

Greta Workers Club Friday, Kristo and King.

Gunyah Hotel Saturday, Sunhill Drive.

Hamilton Station Hotel Wednesday, Jones The Cat, Not Good, Not Bad, Skinny & Awkward. Thursday, Starving Millions. Sunday, East Denistone, Good Grief, Cooks & Bakers. 

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, The V Dubs.

Hexham Bowling Club Saturday, The Blue Water Cowboys. Sunday, Allan Caswell.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Crocq Duo. Saturday, Soundabout. Sunday, Harbour Sessions. 

Hotel Cessnock Friday, Stu Morrison.

Hotel Delany Friday, Ben Travis. Saturday, Zac and Ben.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Ryan Daley. Saturday, Old School Saturdays.

Imperial Hotel Singleton Saturday, No Exit - The Angels Show.

Jewells Tavern Friday, Dr Zoom Duo. Saturday, Live Baby Live – INXS Tribute Show.

The Junction Hotel Friday, Cam Thornton. Saturday, Tim Rossington.

Kahibah Sports Club Friday, Felix Quinn Music Duo.

Kent Hotel Wednesday, Matt McLaren.

King Street Hotel Friday, Alex Preston, Andy Murphy. Saturday, Bonka.

The Koutetsu Sunday, Safe Bet ft Sean Andrews, Forbes, Perry Carter, Matt Meler.

Kurri Bowling Club Saturday, Big Pete.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Joel Oakhill.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Friday, Sami Cooke. Sunday, Louis Burt.

Lakeside Village Tavern Friday, Joel Oakhill.

Lambton Park Hotel Friday, Truman Smith. Saturday, Dynamite. Sunday, Adrienne.

Lass O’Gowrie Thursday, Lachlan X. Morris, As of Sky, Remember the Circus. Friday, The Hedonists. Saturday, Sounds Like Winter, Apollos Garage, Interlude, Midnight Social. 

Lizotte’s Wednesday, Animals. Thursday, Frenchy Sex Drugs, Rollerblades. Friday, Bruce Mathiske. Saturday, Glenn Shorrock. Sunday, Divine Miss M – Bette Midler Show (lunch), Mike McLellan (dinner). Monday, Hunter Valley Grammar. Tuesday, Menopause the Musical.

Lochinvar Hotel Sunday, Mick Jones.

Mark Hotel Friday, Duncan Woods. Saturday, Layth Gunn Solo. 

Mary Ellen Hotel Friday, Zane Penn Duo. Saturday, Mojo Bandits.

Maryland Tavern Saturday, Dr Zoom Duo.

Mattara Hotel Saturday, Daniel Arvidson. 

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Joel Procter. Saturday, Max Jackson. Sunday, Brien McVernon.

Mavericks On Darby Friday, Mick Jones. Saturday, Deuce.

Mayfield Ex-Services Friday, David McCredie.

Metropolitan Hotel Maitland Friday, Leroy & The Rats. Saturday, Feed The Farmer Drought Benefit ft. Hard Drive, Decades, XntriX, Once Remained, Mokobanj, Metal Health, Old Mate & The Love Handles. Sunday, Metro Muso’s Jam Session.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers Friday, Steve Edmonds Band. Saturday, The Urge. Sunday, Jake Davey.

Morisset Country Club Sunday, Jason Paris.

Murray’s Brewery Saturday, Amy Fredes. Sunday, Nano.

Nabiac Hotel Friday, Boney Rivers.

Nag’s Head Hotel Friday, Anyerin. Saturday, Brien McVernon.

Neath Hotel Saturday, Frick N Orson.

Nelson Bay Diggers Friday, 2GoodReasons. Saturday, The After Party Trio. Sunday, Daniel Arvidson.

Nelson Bay Golf Club Saturday, Beth Gleeson. 

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Sunday, Trancemission.

Newcastle Diggers Saturday, Hannah & Mike.

Newcastle Jockey Club Saturday, Kaylah Anne.

Newcastle Hotel Wednesday, Newcastle DJ Competition. Friday, Killa Karaoke. Saturday, KLP (Ministry of Sound).

Northern Star Hotel Friday, Jack Evans, Codi Kaye. Saturday, Nano, Greg McKew.

Paxton Bowling Club Saturday, Tom Christie. 

Pedens Cessnock Saturday, Viagro.

Pelican RSL Saturday, Desperats Ride Again.

Pippis At The Point Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Plough Inn Friday, Allan Freihaut.

Potters Brewery Friday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Premier Hotel Saturday, The DuoTones.

Prince of Wales Hotel Friday, Tim Rossington. Saturday, Holly Mae.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, Bobby C, Marissa + 1. Saturday, Pete McCredie, 2GoodReasons. Sunday, The Years, Wharflife.

Quill & Compass Sunday, Nicholas Connors.

Railway Hotel Cessnock Sunday, Sunday with Crawfish Stew.

Royal Federal Hotel Branxton Friday, Misbehave. Saturday, Lithium. 

Royal Hotel Singleton Sunday, Bigger Than Rod.

Royal Oak Cessnock Sunday, Lachlan.

Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto Friday, James Naldo. Sunday, The FruiTTrees.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, DJ PureBlonde, Beau Hatch. 

Seabreeze Hotel Friday, MardMax Trio. Saturday, Rubber Bullet.

Settlers Arms Hotel Sunday, Brendan Watson.

Seven Seas Hotel Friday, Naughtical Boys, Piss to.Eme.

Shenanigans at the Imperial Friday, Phonic Duo. Saturday, Bobby C.

Shoal Bay Country Club Friday, Madelyne. Saturday, Adrienne McKinney Duo. Sunday, Michael Peter Duo. 

Shortland Hotel Friday, Reg Sinclair. Saturday, Robbie T.

Small Ballroom Thursday, Tigers Jaw, Jess Locke, Paper Thin. Saturday, ORB, SOY, Space Carbonara, Lachlan X. Morris, Fungas.

Soldiers Point Bowling Club Friday, Kelly Hope.

Spinning Wheel Hotel Friday, Tim Broadway.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Wednesday, The Scullion Sessions. Friday, Josh Needs. Saturday, Stormcellar.

Station Hotel Kurri Kurri Saturday, Extreme Mobile Entertainment.

St Johns Anglican Church Newcastle Friday, Drought Relief Concert ft Imogen Bilinsky, Peter Guy, Cindy Doherty, Kathryn Pitkin, Stephanie Garside, Ryan Ambrose, Peter Trist, Cassandra Campbell & Friends, Helen Carter, Imogen Bilinsky.

Stockton Bowling Club Sunday, Summer Sessions. 

Stockton RSL Club Saturday, Peter Grant (NZ). Sunday, Roy Cooper and the Fabulous Feeling Alright Trio.

Swansea Hotel Friday, Greg Bryce. Saturday, Sounds of Sunday. 

Swansea RSL Club Saturday, Rich & Famous. 

Swansea Workers Club Saturday, Sami Cooke. Sunday, James Osborn. 

Tilligerry RSL Friday, Outerphase. Saturday, Kelly Hope.

Toronto Diggers Saturday, 40 Up Club.

Toronto Hotel Saturday, Country Live at the Lake ft Travis Collins, Troy Kemp, The Viper Creek Band, Tailgate Drive, Chelsea Berman. 

Toronto Workers Saturday, Triple Zero. 

Town Hall Hotel Saturday, Kellie Cain.

Victoria Hotel Hinton Saturday, Jade Holland Band. Sunday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Wallsend Sporties Friday, Brendan Murphy.

Wangi Hotel Saturday, Duncan Woods. Sunday, Layth Gunn.

Wangi Wangi RSL Club Sunday, Reg Sinclair.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Anthony Lee. Saturday, Mardmax.

Warners Bay Foreshore Friday, The Bad and The Ugly.

Wests Cardiff Saturday, The Years. 

Wests City NEX Saturday, The Big Bang. 

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus. Friday, Loko. Saturday, The Remedy Trio. Tuesday, Angamus.

Wickham Park Hotel Friday, Pornskas. Saturday, Madelyn, Black Sabbath + DO. Sunday, Chikarma, The Blues Bombers.  

Windale Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, Emile.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Jake Folbigg.