Not your average potential politician: anarchy tattoos, muscles and a model wife

ONE NATION OR NO NATION: Stuart Bonds' Twitter page. The anarchy tattoo is on his left pectoral.
ONE NATION OR NO NATION: Stuart Bonds' Twitter page. The anarchy tattoo is on his left pectoral.

It's not every would-be federal parliamentarian who has an anarchy symbol tattooed on his chest.

Or has the slogan "RULE NUMBER 1: F--- WHAT THEY THINK" emblazoned across the top of his Twitter page.

Meet Stuart Bonds (@stuartbonds007), One Nation's hunky 33-year-old candidate for the federal seat of Hunter.

Bonds' black-and-white Twitter photo shows his muscular upper half covered mostly in tattoos, replete with a row of rippling abs which put Tony Abbott's budgie-smuggled torso to shame.

The ink work includes the A-in-a-circle symbol associated with the anarchy political movement, but Bonds insists he's not running on a platform of overthrowing the state. It's One Nation, not No Nation.

It turns out his rather glamorous better half, Finnish wife Sini, runs a tattoo business called Anarchy Ink Australia in Singleton.

Sini at work in the tattoo shop.

Sini at work in the tattoo shop.

They met four years ago in a tattoo parlour in Thailand and hit it off. She came to Australia in 2015. They married in early 2016 and have a daughter, Penny. 

Topics is not a tattoo aficionado, but Sini appears to be no slouch when it comes drawing stuff on people's skin. She also publishes a blog, where she describes herself as a "tattooist and international model".

It seems politics runs in the family because Sini announced on the blog last year that she would run in Finland's next election, which is on Saturday week.

Topics speaks only conversational Finnish, so we couldn't work out on whether she was one of the 2468 official candidates in the April 14 vote, but we suspect not.

Here is an edited version of what would have been her election platform: "Finland to separate from the EU ... better salaries in the health care sector ... respect for education ... tougher convictions for homicide and sex crimes ... close the borders and a tighter inspection of who has a right to come to safety in our country or as an immigrant ... a trial period for refugees and immigrants."

She also proposed a one-strike-and-you're-out "crime card" for immigrants.

This part of her manifesto caught our eye: "A basic salary for members of parliament ... basic pensions for members of parliament, based on income just the same as for all other citizens. No special treatment."

Sini, Penny and Stuart Bonds.

Sini, Penny and Stuart Bonds.

Bonds was born in Camden, moved to Old Bar when he was about 11 then to the Hunter after leaving school. He is a fitter machinist by trade, works in the mines and runs a cattle farm outside Singleton.

"I'm not an anarchist," he confirmed, describing himself as a "walking billboard" for the tattoo business.

He said the slightly unstatesmanlike message on his Twitter page reflected his determination to "say what you think".

"I am a little bit of an in-your-face person. I'm not the sort of average person who would be running, which is exactly what we need. We need a bit of varying, a bit of difference of opinions down there."

And more tatts.