Tea Collective collaborates

IN THE BAG: Becci Fowler of The Tea Collective in her Darby Street Shop. She has just produced a range of teas for Maxwell and Williams.
IN THE BAG: Becci Fowler of The Tea Collective in her Darby Street Shop. She has just produced a range of teas for Maxwell and Williams.

THERE are dog people and there are cat people. There are coffee people and there are tea people.

Newcastle's Becci Fowler is definitely one of the latter. So much so, she founded Darby Street's The Tea Collective in 2015, and now the business has joined forces with crockery giant Maxwell and Williams. 

A life long time tea drinker, Ms Fowler was motivated to start her business after one too many over-priced, soggy teabag experiences.

"I was just sick of paying too much money for what was not a very good cup of tea, and that is literally how it started," Ms Fowler said.

People told her "Newcastle people are coffee people, not tea people".

 "I was told so many times 'forget about it' you are going to have to serve coffee," she said. "But Newcastle has really taken me under their wing."

The creative process of making up her own tea also held high appeal.

"We have a cafe as well, so I like to get creative with the tea to complement the food. We've got crazy flavours like raspberry popcorn and toasted coconut," she said.

The Tea Collective serves more than 100 varieties of tea, all created and blended by Ms Fowler.

When Maxwell and Williams sent Ms Fowler an email asking about her business, she nearly deleted it.

"I didn't think it was legitimate at first," she sad.

Luckily she did reply and now three of her teas have been featured in their new limited edition Contessa mother's day tea set range.

"I really loved the designs," Ms Fowler said. "It has a real medieval feel to it. 

"There are three colours in the range: black, white and pink. So, we have three teas that go with that.

"It has been pretty massive for us. It's going to be in every single Myer.

"It's huge and awesome and I'm very proud."

The Tea Collective Teas now included in the Contessa tea set are:

The King's Guard: Earl Grey: One of the western world's most popular black teas, Earl Grey is distinctly aromatic and flavoured with oil from bergamot orange. With gorgeous, vibrant blue flecks of cornflowers, this tea is sure to impress the most sophisticated tea consumer.

The Queen's Party: A celebration of colour and sweetness like a high tea fit for a queen.

This orange pekoe tea is carefully blended with flavours of apple & grape and delicately enhanced with mallow flower, marigold and rose petals.

The Princess & The Tea: Inspired by bowls of fresh strawberries and cream served to princesses at their high tea parties, this orange pekoe tea is a playful blend of pink rose petals and flavours of strawberries and cream.