Get to know the Newcastle Northstars: Dave Ferrari

The Northstars are Newcastle's national ice hockey team, playing in the Australian Ice Hockey League. Get to know the Northstars players as they progress through the 2019 season.

Name: Dave Ferrari

Jersey number: 25

Born: Melbourne

Live now: Newcastle

How did you get into hockey? Followed in my brothers' footsteps after watching the Mighty Ducks movies

How long have you played for the Northstars? Since the 2011 season... 9 years, wow!

What's your favourite hockey memory? Being on the ice for the overtime "people's goal" scored by Hamish Powell in the 2016 semi final.

(Skip to the 2 minute mark to see the "people's goal")

Do you have a trademark hockey move? Taking a penalty and sucking an opposition player into getting dragged to the box with me.

Which team do you follow in the NHL? The Calgary Flames

Do you think you would make a good goalie? Yes... with practice, but I've tried and it's hard work.

What would you to say to someone who has never been to a hockey game? You're missing out, it's the fastest sport on the planet and the only game left where there is serious contact.

What do you do for a day job? I'm semi-retired but I run a hockey business (NSA Hockey) which is more a passion than a job.

What is your dream job? Coach or general manager of a hockey team/club.

Do you have any superstitions? Nothing significant. Left skate on first, more habits than superstitions.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? PIZZA!

If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future? Probably the past, sometime before cell phones and internet. But the best is yet to come so let's go back to the future!

Who would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with? My wife of course. And/or our dog Chillie.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Hmm I really don't have anything super crazy... I'm pretty measured.

How would people describe you? I think a third would say I'm an a*****e, a third would say I'm a decent guy and a third would say I'm a legend. At least I hope for that kind of split.

If you could master one skill you don't have right now, what would it be? I'd love to speak another language.