Lake Macquarie singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd celebrates new chapter with new single, Changed

NEW SEASON: Toronto singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd has released a new single, Changed. Picture: Tiana Lockwood
NEW SEASON: Toronto singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd has released a new single, Changed. Picture: Tiana Lockwood

Music is most powerful when it stirs emotions in the listener and Aaron Jurd's new single, Changed, takes listeners on a journey from the bad times to feeling optimism about the future.

Changed is the third single from the Lake Macquarie singer-songwriter and is the resolution to Jurd's first single, Set Me On Fire.

"This single is first reflecting on down times, which everyone goes through, but shows a change in mindset," Jurd, from Toronto, said.

"Set Me On Fire was the moment as it was and everything that led up to that moment, but Changed is the resolution, the chapter two of that time when nothing went right for me. This is the silver lining and a reminder that even though you have the rough days, they give you a different outlook and appreciation of life."

Writing from the heart, Jurd said his songs always reflected where he was in his life at that time, and Changed was a look back at the last 10 months.

"Changed still gives you a glimpse of those darker times, and is talking about how it used to be, but it's also a happy song," he said.

"Within the last 10 months I've released Set Me On Fire. I've closed off that chapter, and now Changed is the finished product of that."

Jurd aims to put his listeners in that moment of when he was writing the song, and wants them to take a message out of Changed, which was released on Friday.

"I'd love people to take out of it what I put into it - that just because you're having a rough time, there are better times, and I want people to interpret it for themselves and take it into their lives," he said.

"If someone can relate my songs to their life, then I've achieved my goal as a writer."

For the Lake Macquarie singer-songwriter, music is all about how it makes his listeners feel.

"Charting is fantastic and it's exciting, but for someone to appreciate the music and interpret the song for themselves, and, if it helps them through tough times they're going through, then that's the biggest compliment I could get as a musician and an artist," Jurd said.

"That's what music is all about for me - the feelings and emotions."

Audiences and the music industry are embracing Jurd's music with he and his band, The Banned, booked for a number of country music festivals this year, including the iconic Deni Ute Muster in October.

"Being announced for the Deni Ute Muster is a dream come true for me," Jurd said. "I love the atmosphere of it and country music fans are in droves down there, so I'm looking forward to meeting people and performing on that great stage."

Jurd has another single planned for later this year, before he releases his debut EP in early 2020.