Kylie Gale stands strong with debut country single, Push Back

From adversity comes strength and new songs, as is the case with the debut single from singer-songwriter Kylie Gale.

The Caves Beach-based teacher and singer-songwriter used a particularly tough day at work and turned it into a positive, writing Push Back. The inspiration for the song hit her while she was hanging out washing.

"I wrote it after a co-worker threw me under the bus in a meeting," Gale said. "It's all about feeling that even though you're a good person you get used and, even if you're a soft person, sometimes you have to push back."

Gale unleashed her debut single last Friday. Push Back debuted at No. 3 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart and in the top 50 of the iTunes All Genres Songs Chart.

She said she was shocked and excited about the reaction to her debut release and hopes her message about standing up for yourself when necessary resonated with music audiences.

As well as releasing her feelings in a productive manner, Gale said her aim with Push Back was to spread a positive message.

"It isn't violent, it's just that you have to be confident in yourself and when people try to get you down, you have to push back in life and not worry about the negativity," she said.

"Releasing this debut single is also about me not being insecure in my talent because I've held back so long and often thought 'why am I doing this?'

"So it's about having confidence in myself because I don't want to live with regrets."

Gale has strong country roots, having grown up in Coonamble and being raised on a healthy diet of Slim Dusty and Tex Morton.

While the inspiration for the song was a lightning bolt moment, Push Back is the culmination of the hard work Gale has put into music since began singing in her teenage years.

"A music teacher at high school sat me down at the piano when I was 15 and got me to sing a song and nearly fell off the stool when she realised I could sing," she said.

"I'd been playing guitar since I was 7 and I went right through school doing music and did singing lessons for five years."

A singer-songwriter, teacher, wife, and mother of four, Gale graduated from the 2019 CMAA Academy of Country Music in January, which prompted her to release her original music.

"I'd been writing for about six years, but never thought I'd record the songs although I always wanted to, but never had the confidence or know-how to do it. I now feel like I've got more of an opportunity to talk to people and reach out through my music," she said.

Push Back was released through all digital retailers on August 9.