How to keep your garden green during drought

You can look ater your garden and be water-wise at the same time.
You can look ater your garden and be water-wise at the same time.

Strict water restrictions are beginning to be implemented in states around Australia. Although not all states are yet to be impacted, we should all conserve water wherever we can over the coming months.

Narelle Peart from Scotts Australia said that when we enter a drought, people tend to think they won't be able to look after their garden however, there's still plenty to do while being water-wise.

"Recycling water and using water smart products can ensure your plants receive all of the correct nutrients and continues to thrive as best it can throughout the drought," she said, and provided these tips:

  • Purchase a trigger nozzle: Investing in a trigger nozzle hose for your garden will save water and money. These specialised nozzles use significantly less water than that of a traditional hose. Make sure you are only pressing the trigger when you need it, every drop counts and this will eliminate water wastage while you move your hose around the garden.
  • Utilise your shower water: When you are waiting for your shower to reach that optimal temperature, all of your pre-shower water is washed down the drain and wasted. Try placing a bucket underneath the water stream to collect as much water as possible. This excess water can then be used to water the grass and garden.
  • Invest in a wetting agent: Aspecialised wetting agent will ensure that your garden and grass will get the most out of every drop of water they receive. These products will also help make the most of any rain during this drought season by enabling water to penetrate down to the root zone, where plants need nutrients the most, reducing run-off and pooling.
  • Choose your gardening time wisely: With water restrictions in place all over Australia, we must be smart when watering our gardens. Water your garden when it is not too hot outside to ensure that the water you use is not evaporated too quickly and will reach the plants roots. Water before 10 in the morning and after four in the afternoon. Make sure you're aware of the restrictions in place in your state.
  • Get mulching: Mulching has several benefits for gardens, however this will mainly reduce the amount of moisture lost from evaporation. Make sure you apply generous layers of mulch over your gardens, pots and even veggie patches to keep soil cool while the sun is at its hottest. For optimal results, pair this with some water storaging crystals which will enhance the water holding capacity of your soil to prevent drying.
  • Utilise water-wise products: Applying fertiliser to your lawn and garden will inject much needed nutrients at this challenging time. Choose products that are safe to use without watering in, that will become effective shortly after receiving rain or a small amount of water, will strengthen your lawn or garden. During water restrictions, make the most of the water you do use and apply a liquid fertiliser at the same time.