Do you have Australia's scariest sofa?

Halloween and sofa-loving TV celebrity Yvie Jones will select the Australia's Scariest Sofa Swap winner.
Halloween and sofa-loving TV celebrity Yvie Jones will select the Australia's Scariest Sofa Swap winner.

If you're reading this on the sofa, I dare you to reach down between the cushions. If you're lucky you might find some money or the long-lost remote. But there is also a good chance you will recoil in horror after touching something unidentifiable.

Fantastic Furniture surveyed more than 1000 Australians about their sofas and found that:

  • Half of survey respondents have found something disgusting in or on their sofa, whether it be mouldy or odorous food (37 per cent), spilt drinks that have left a sticky residue (36 per cent), insects (30 per cent), or dirty socks (29 per cent).
  • Most Australians have made some attempt to clean their sofas, although 44 per cent say they have never had their sofa sanitized or professionally cleaned. For those that have cleaned their sofas, the most common method is to give it a quick vacuum (59 per cent) or to wipe it down with a sponge (41 per cent) and 30 per cent admit to simply spraying the sofa with fabric deodoriser to freshen it up.
  • 44 per cent of respondents said they have been embarrassed by their sofas and half think that their sofa is scary, mainly due to its age, cusion indentations, dropped food, pet hair or general wear and tear.
  • 82 per cent try to make their sofa look better when entertaining. Popular methods include vaccuuming, wiping, or adding extra cushions or a throw.
  • The average age of sofas is increasing for older generations. Millennials and Gen X tend to own sofas for an average of 5.5 years and 6.5 years respectively, whereas Baby Boomers own theirs for an average of 8.8 years.

It's not all grim however, given that many Aussie have taken great pleasure in finally finding the elusive remote control (42 per cent), money (38 per cent) and their missing mobile phones (28 per cent). One in five have found their car keys and one in ten have found lost jewellery. Quite a few have also found dental retainers.

In light of these survey results, Fantastic Furniture is running Australia's Scariest Sofa Swap until November 8, giving Australians the chance to turn their sofa horror story into a fantastic one this Halloween. The grand prize winner will receive a $3000 Fantastic Furniture gift card to make over their lounge room.

Halloween and sofa-loving TV celebrity Yvie Jones will select the Australia's Scariest Sofa Swap winner and has had more than her fair share of experience with sofa antics thanks to her mischievous furbabies.

"Most of Australia has been inside my living room by way of Gogglebox and are pretty well acquainted with my sofa," she said.

"My dogs and I love it to bits, so much so that they often bury chicken necks in amongst the cushions. If you find them immediately you are winning, if you don't...well that can get quite scary."

Yvie said that Halloween was one of my all-time favourite dates and that she and her dogs dress up for it every year.

"I expect to be disgusted, amused and intrigued by what we find but knowing they will be replaced with a new Fantastic Furniture couch like mine, will make it easier to bare. Hit me with your best sofa horror stories, Australia!"

Entrants need to share a picture of their sofa horror story on Instagram using the hashtag #scarysofaswap, and tag @FantasticFurniture or enter online at One winner each week will be given a $500 Fantastic Furniture voucher for their scariest sofa entry before the overall Grand Prize winner is announced in the week commencing November 11. The Grand Prize, judged by Yvie, is a Fantastic Furniture gift card for a lounge room makeover from Fantastic Furniture valued at $3000.