Shaping the future of Lake Macquarie area | Lake Macquarie Mayor Kay Fraser

FUTURE: Lake Macquarie council has released its strategic planning statement.
FUTURE: Lake Macquarie council has released its strategic planning statement.

Council's Local Strategic Planning Statement is now on exhibition and while the name might not mean a lot to a lot of people, what the plan means for our City is enormous.

The strategic plan is council's long-term vision and planning priorities that will guide the evolution of our City over the next 20 to 30 years.

I encourage you to read our statement and find out what these priorities are for our economic centres and what our City may look like in the future. It is available to read by visiting

To give you a bit more insight into the document, what you will see when you open it to read is a document that describes a City that is dynamic and productive, and a place that enables our community to thrive.

The wonderful thing is that this vision is not a stretch of the imagination. We are already within reach of it because we have a strong foundation to continue building upon. We are well-known for our innovation, investment opportunities, outdoor adventures, liveability, and of course our City's natural beauty.

Most of the change we will see over the next three decades will happen in these growth areas, especially within and around our centres. This is because these areas have existing infrastructure that supports housing, transport, economic activity, recreation and room for growth

It is an exciting time for our community and City with countless opportunities that will see us prosper into the future.


To make sure our next generation has a voice, council is developing a draft Youth Strategy that is shaped largely by input from our City's younger generation.

The development of the plan is now underway and as part of the next phase of engagement, we want to know what issues are most important to our under-25s in Lake Mac.

I encourage our young people to share their views and help inform the draft strategy by visiting and completing the survey.

Cr Kay Fraser, Mayor