'I could not be happier'

New friends: For Paul Kerr (first on the left) retiring to Bayway Village has opened the door to a welcoming community and new friendships.
New friends: For Paul Kerr (first on the left) retiring to Bayway Village has opened the door to a welcoming community and new friendships.

For Paul Kerr life has never been better.

Paul, who has lived in his home in the retirement community of Bayway Village in beautiful Fern Bay for a few years now, says moving there was one of the best decisions he ever made.

"The sense of belonging that I felt when I first moved into Bayway Village was something I really needed in my life," said Paul.

"I needed to be somewhere I could call home, somewhere where I could say this is my family."

Paul recognises that for some people moving out of their family home and into a retirement community can feel a bit daunting at first.

"Any fears or worries you may have will quickly disappear because everyone is very welcoming," he said.

"When I moved in people would say things like we're going to play pool why don't you join us."

What Paul loves most about village life is that there's always something going on.

"The various social committees organise a range of activities and events and you can get involved as much or as little as you like," he said.

"I have easy access to facilities like a swimming pool, bowling green, croquet court and tennis court so I'm never bored."

Paul said the men's shed that is a popular part of the village has been a particular bonus for him, providing a great source of friendship.

"The men's shed has been fantastic for me because I didn't have a lot of male friends before living here," he said. "I've since made a lot of friends and my daughters say I've always got a smile on my face now".

A keen traveller, Paul also appreciates the 'lock up and leave' lifestyle village living enables.

"The onsite storage for caravans means I can easily jump in my motorhome when I feel like going away and I feel safe knowing my neighbours and staff will look out for my home while I'm gone," he said.

"Plus, I don't have to rush back to take care of the house and garden maintenance - because it just doesn't exist.

"Living at Bayway has given me a new lease on life and I could not be happier."

Bayway Village is owned and operated by Hampshire Villages which specialises in the development and management of lifestyle villages for over 50s. Hampshire Villages has 11 villages across NSW, Western Australia and Victoria.

Hampshire Villages offers a unique shared equity facility on new home purchases. Rather than paying the full price on settlement, you have the option of paying from 65 per cent of the purchase price in return for the same percentage ownership.

Visit hampshirevillages.com.au to find out about the retirement lifestyle at Hampshire Villages or learn more about Bayway Village specifically at baywayvillage.com.au or by calling 02 4928 2929.