What's on in the Hunter: December 4-10

SOUL SISTER: Mahalia Barnes performs at Lizotte's on Thursday.
SOUL SISTER: Mahalia Barnes performs at Lizotte's on Thursday.

5 Sawyers Wednesday, The 'So What' Supper Club. Thursday, Beth Gleeson. Friday, Mitchell Charlie, Duncan Woods. Saturday, DJ Smashup. Sunday, 2 Good Reasons.

529 Terrace Bar Thursday, M&M Trivia.

Anna Bay Tavern Friday, Brazillian Brothers Duo. Saturday, Ash Mountain. Sunday, David McCredie.

Argenton Hotel Sunday, Rose Pepper, Sundays Record Duo.

Argyle House Saturday, Saturdays at the AH.

Australia Hotel Cessnock Friday, Emily Smith.

The Badger's Lair - Newcastle Leagues Club Friday, Explicit Wrestling 2 ft Path Of Victory, Take My Soul.

Battlesticks Bar Friday, Benson. Saturday, Madelyn. Sunday. Holly Mae

Beach Hotel Friday, The Freqs. Saturday, Club Esky. Sunday, The Humm.

The Beerhaus Saturday, Holly Mae. Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Belmont 16s Wednesday, Seniors Concert ft. John Campbell. Friday, Midnight Drifters, Ryan Daley. Saturday, The Jungle Kings, Hayden Johns. Sunday, Rich & Famous.

Belmont Hotel Saturday, Chris Saxby. Sunday, Jungle Kings.

Belmore Hotel Friday, Chris Saxby. Saturday, Dos Eager. Sunday, Jayde Corner.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, Pocket Aces. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band, Greg Bryce Band.

The Bradford Friday, Sound of Sunday Duo. Saturday, Crawfish Stew Band.

Cambridge Hotel Thursday, The Beasts. Saturday, Rose Tattoo. Sunday, Merry SYNTHmas ft Foemen, Amos & Emily, Toytown, Skyepaint; Night Bass ft AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, Jack Beats.

Catho Pub Saturday, Stoneworx. Sunday, Fuelstar.

Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows Friday, Paparazzi. Saturday, The After Party. Sunday, Kylie Jane.

Cessnock Leagues Club Friday, Pete Hibbert. Saturday, The Big Bang.

Civic Theatre Friday, Civic Bar Beats, Tantrum Youth End of Year Showcase.

Clarendon Hotel Thursday, Trivia Night.

Club Charlestown Friday, Bobby C, Karaoke & Cocktails. Saturday, Jess Knaus, Big Night Out.

Club Kotara Friday, This Iz The Moment Karaoke with Peter Stefanson.

Club Lemon Tree Tuesday, Wednesday, Karen O'Shea. Friday, Dream Catchers.

Club Singleton Saturday, Bush Dinner Dance.

Colliery Inn Friday, Jon Schatz. Saturday, Jayde Corner. Sunday, ROX.

Commercial Hotel Boolaroo Friday, Jake Daulby.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Friday, Reggie Sinclair. Saturday, Busted Out.

Croatian Wickham Sports Club Saturday, Sore Points (CAN).

Crown & Anchor Hotel Friday, Ruby Revue Burlesque Christmas Special.

Customs House Friday, Nano. Sunday, Ashley Knight, Felix Quinn Band.

Cypress Lakes Saturday, Emily Smith.

Denman Hotel Saturday, David McCredie. Sunday, Daniel Newberry.

Duke Of Wellington Friday, Zane Penn. Saturday, Transmission.

East Cessnock Bowling Club Thursday, Open Mic Night with Andrew G.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday, TripleZero. Saturday, All Access 80's. Sunday, Anthony Lee.

Easts Golf & Leisure Club Sunday, Glen Harrison.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Sunday, Kempy.

Edgeworth Tavern Friday, Tim Harding. Saturday, Lachlan, Paparazzi.

Exchange Hotel Saturday, RnB Party: Xmas Special.

Family Hotel Maitland Friday, Loaded Acoustics. Saturday, Karaoke.

Family Hotel Newcastle Wednesday, Trivia. Saturday, Saturday Knights ft glasshouse, The Warts, Lemon Joe.

Finnegans Saturday, Lady Lauryn.

Gallipoli Legion Club Sunday, The Leadbellies.

Gateshead Tavern Friday, The Hitpit. Sunday, Loaded Acoustics.

George Tavern Friday, Glen Harrison. Saturday, Sarah De Bono.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Lollo Meier.

Grand Junction Hotel Thursday, Live and Loud. Friday, Dylan Hartas.

Great Northern Hotel Newcastle Thursday, Trivia with Simon Baggs. Friday, Hey Poncho, Nick Rage. Saturday, The Gleesons.

Great Northern Hotel Teralba Friday, Kaylah Anne. Saturday, Warning: The Green Day Show, Onshore.

Greta Workers Club Friday, Hummdinger.

Gunyah Hotel Friday, Anyerin. Saturday, Shooting Molly. Sunday, Megan Core.

Hamilton Station Hotel Wednesday, Dog Dick Pink, John Howard, Dog. Thursday, The Little Lord Street Band, Emily A. Smith, Boots Porter. Friday, The Witching Hour. Saturday, Crywank (UK). Sunday, Punk Off ft Outliers, Beijing Bikini, Piss to Eme, Stone Cold Fox.

Harrigan's Pokolbin Friday, Gen-R-8.

Hexham Bowling Club Saturday, The Hitpit. Sunday, Backbeat Duo.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Prestige Inc. Saturday, MAK. Sunday, Mick Jones.

Hotel Cessnock Friday, Pat Vs Cat.

Hotel Delany Thursday, Musical Bingo Night. Saturday, D Love.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Outerphase.

Iron Horse Inn Friday, Counterpart. Saturday, Mick Jones.

Jewells Tavern Friday, Kazzie Band. Saturday, Loko.

The Junction Hotel Friday, Helena Kitley Duo.

Kahibah Sports Friday, Karaoke.

Kellys Top Pub Aberdeen Friday, Tim Usher.

Kent Hotel Tuesday, Matt McLaren. Wednesday, Dean Kyrwood. Friday, Loose Bazooka. Saturday, Pocket Aces. Sunday, Finn.

King Street Hotel Saturday, Night Bass ft AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, Jack Beats.

Kurri Bowling Club Friday, Gen-R-8.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Friday, Michael Mills, Bob Allan. Sunday, Jamie Martens.

Lakeside Village Tavern Friday, Crawford Brothers Duo. Saturday, The V Dubs.

Lambton Park Hotel Friday, Mak. Saturday, Matt McLaren.

Langdon Hair Charlestown Thursday, ROX.

Lass O'Gowrie Hotel Thursday, Creative Creatures Open Mic. Saturday, GUGI.

Leogate Estate Thursday, Megan Core.

Lizotte's Tuesday, Wednesday, Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience.Thursday, Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates, Darren Percival. Friday, ABBASBACK. Sunday, Inspiring Voices. Tuesday, The Animals.

Lucky Hotel Sunday, Sunday Republic Season 7.

Marks Point Sports Club Saturday, A Big Day On The Green ft The V Dubs, Rock Cave student band, Glamstars, The Versions, Shooting Molly, The Search Party.

Mary Ellen Hotel Friday, Phonic Trio. Saturday, Code Red.

Maryland Tavern Wednesday, Trivia at The Tav.Saturday, Counterpart.

Maryville Tavern Tuesday, Brain Strain.

Mattara Hotel Saturday, Chris Unicomb.

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Jackson Halliday. Saturday, Jon Schatz. Sunday, Greg Bryce.

Mavericks On Darby Saturday, Tyler John.

Mayfield Ex-Services Thursday, DV8. Friday, Jessica Cain. Saturday, Anthology.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers Thursday, Trivia. Friday, Shivoo. Saturday, 80s To The Max, Howard Ward. Sunday, Jackson Halliday.

Moonshadow Cruises Nelson Bay Wednesday, Mick Jones. Saturday, Kaylah Anne.

Murray's Brewery Saturday, Jake Hunt, Aaron Williams. Sunday, Tom Blake Duo.

Music in the Podium Warners Bay Friday, The Shedmasters Band.

Nag's Head Hotel Friday, Matt McLaren. Saturday, Robbie T.

Nelson Bay Bowling Club Friday, Ron Knight.

Nelson Bay Golf Club Saturday, Marissa. Sunday, Tom Christie.

Newcastle Airport Friday, Karen O'Shea.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Saturday, Pete McCredie, Ashley Knight, Glen Harrison. Sunday, Ryan Daley.

Newcastle Hotel Friday, T1R, Jimmi Cara, Nicki Tee. Saturday, Newy Saturdays: KLP.

NEX Saturday,Hummdinger.

Northern Star Hotel Friday, Aaron Hood. Saturday, Dan Mani, Paula & Owen.

Orana Hotel Saturday, Led Zeppelin Show.

Oriental Hotel Saturday, Australia single launch (CHECK), Megan Core.

Paxton Bowling Club Saturday, Daniel Arvidson.

Pedens Cessnock Friday, DJ Searly. Saturday, Kempy.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Mick Jones, Anthony Lee. Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth Duo. Sunday, Bernie.

Plough Inn Friday, Angie.

Potters Brewery Friday, Tyler John.

The Pourhouse Saturday, Piper Butcher & The Carnaby's.

Premier Hotel Saturday, Sari Jade & Spike.

Prince of Merewether Wednesday, Trivia.

Queens Arms Hotel Saturday, Spank N The Monkey.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, Marissa, Bad Paris. Saturday, Love That Hat, Matt McLaren. Sunday, Trancemission, Wharf Life.

Railway Hotel Cessnock Sunday, Code Red.

River Royal Inn Morpeth Sunday, Jason Carruthers Country Show.

Royal Exchange Newcastle Friday, The Sandman & Flacco Tribute Show.

Royal Federal Hotel Branxton Friday, Crawfish Stew. Saturday, Sammi & The Jets.

Royal Hotel Singleton Sunday, The Way.

Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto Saturday, All In Good Fun Karaoke, Luis Burt. Sunday, Andrew G.

Royal Oak Cessnock Sunday, Lachlan.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, Kazzie.

Seabreeze Hotel Wednesday, Trivia. Saturday, Project X. Sunday, Brendan Murphy.

Shaft Tavern Friday, Hayden Johns. Saturday, Daxton Monaghan.

Shenanigans @ The Imperial Friday, Willy Wagtail. Saturday, The Walking Phoenix Duo.

Shoal Bay Country Club Friday, Ryan Hemsworth. Saturday, Thirsty Merc, Simon King. Sunday, Danny & Jake, Mick Jones.

Shortland Hotel Friday, Russell Snape. Saturday, Tim Harding.

Shortland Waters Golf Club Sunday, Emily Smith.

Soldiers Point Bowling Club Friday, Big Pete.Saturday, Jumpin Jukebox Trio.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Tuesday, Nick Milligan's Music & Movie Trivia. Saturday, Christmas Drinks with Bitchcraft, Stone Cold Fox. Sunday, Kristen Lee Morris + The Dirty Snakes.

Star Hotel Wednesday, Terrence Koo.

Station Hotel Kurri Kurri Saturday, Michael Wilks Duo.

Stockton Bowling Club Saturday, Damnation Bon Scott Tribute, The Versions.

Stockton Centre Tuesday, Mick Jones. Thursday, Zane Penn.

Swansea Hotel Sunday, Sound of Sunday.

Swansea RSL Club Saturday, Rock Duty. Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Swansea-Belmont Surf Life Saving Club Sunday, Gerda.

Swansea Workers Club Friday, Bliss Bomb. Sunday, Bob Allan.

Sydney Junction Hotel Wednesday, Salsa Night. Friday, Ben Travis.Saturday, Crawford Brothers Band.

Teralba Bowling Club Sunday, Karaoke.

The Station Newcastle Saturday, Andy Saunders.

Tilligerry RSL Friday, No Control. Saturday, Mark Lee. Sunday, Big Pete.

Toronto Hotel Saturday, End of the Line.

Toronto Workers Saturday, The Smarts, ROX.

Town Hall Hotel Wednesday, Safford.

Valhalla Cafe & Restaurant Bobs Farm Sunday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Victoria Hotel Hinton Saturday, Pete Gelzinnis. Sunday, Zane Penn.

Vincent St Kitchen & Bar Cessnock Friday, Brien McVernon. Saturday, Katie N Feff.

Wallsend Sporties Friday, Boney Rivers.

Wangi Hotel Sunday, Craig Thommo.

Wangi Wangi RSL Club Sunday, Hummdinger.

Wangi Workers Friday, Solid Gold Party Night. Sunday, Mandy Jarry.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Pete McCredie. Saturday, Dream Catchers.

Warners Bay Hotel Saturday, Gen-X.

Westfield Kotara Thursday, Jessica Cain. Friday, Kazzie, Matt Gaudry. Saturday, Tim Harding, Tom Christie, Kazzie. Sunday, Oran Vir.

Wests Cardiff Saturday, The Snape Trilogy.

Wests Nelson Bay Friday, 2GoodReasons. Saturday, DJ Sonic. Sunday, Jess Knaus.

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus. Friday, Cruzers. Saturday, Rubber Bullet. Tuesday, Angamus.

Wickham Park Hotel Wednesday, Saylor & The Flavor. Thursday, Thee Cha Cha Chas, The Not Nots. Friday, The Bounty Hunters. Saturday, Sneaky Freakers, Riff Raff. Sunday, John Larder, Floyd Vincent & The Temple Dogs.

Windale-Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, Jamie Martens.

WIndsor Castle Hotel Saturday, The Way.