Gig guide: What's on in the Hunter this week

SOLO: Delivering a large, layered, big-band sound, solo artist Hayden Johns brings his talents on guitar, vocals and stomp box to the Iron Horse Inn on Saturday night.
SOLO: Delivering a large, layered, big-band sound, solo artist Hayden Johns brings his talents on guitar, vocals and stomp box to the Iron Horse Inn on Saturday night.

5 Sawyers Wednesday, Kazzie. Thursday, Timberlina - Drag Bingo. Friday, Tim Harding, DJ Shots Fired. Saturday, DJ Standing Ovation. Sunday, Love That Hat.

48 Watt Street Friday, Kim Churchill. Sunday, Mild West, Fungas, Pawn Magz, Ill Sylvester, Lady Petrol, Med Heads.

Adamstown Uniting Church Friday, Loons, Hazel Dazel, Bluetide, Mission: Banana.

Argenton Hotel Sunday, Sounds Of Sunday.

The Badger's Lair - Newcastle Leagues Club Saturday, Majun Bu, Vanilla Gorilla, Fukushima Death Fish, Jackson Blanch.

Beach Hotel Sunday, Misbehave.

The Beerhaus Saturday, Ashley Knight.

Belmont 16s Wednesday, Amanda Easton, Milton Ward. Friday, Manpower Australia, Jake Rattle & Roll, Wez Thompson. Saturday, Anthology, Oran Vir. Sunday, Norm Bakker.

Belmont Hotel Saturday, Snowy and Johns.

Blackbutt Hotel Friday, Brendan Watson.

Burwood Inn Friday, Ngariki. Saturday, Pete McCredie.

Cambridge Hotel Thursday, Okilly Dokilly (USA), Dr Colossus. Friday, Towns, Blue Velvet, Indigo Bloom, Sleepeaser. Saturday, Cattle Decapitation (USA), Revocation (main room), The Loose Leeches, Deadshowws, Mission: Banana (warehouse). Sunday, The Dreggs, Not Good Not Bad, Callum Rowland.

Cardiff RSL Club Saturday, Saving June.

Carrington Bowling Club Friday, John Larder.Sunday,John Larder.

Central Leagues Club Friday, Kazzie.

Cheeky Dog Bar Sunday, Craig Thommo.

Club Charlestown Saturday, The Feather Chain.

Club Macquarie Friday, The Ultimate Pink Show.

Colliery Inn Friday, Rox. Sunday, Zane Penn.

Commercial Hotel Boolaroo Friday, Cotton Sax & Strings.

Customs House Friday, Michael Peter. Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Dashville Friday, Tori Forsyth & Carl The Bartender.

Duke Of Wellington Friday, Jamie Martens. Saturday, Sounds Of Sunday.

Dullboys Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Friday, The Feather Chain. Sunday, Troy Kemp.

Edgeworth Tavern Friday, Bobby C. Saturday, Austin Mackay, Paparazzi.

Family Hotel Newcastle Saturday, Sophia Berlyn, Rod Coote & The Naked Sailies.

Finnegans Saturday, Joel Fletcher.

Gallipoli Legion Club Sunday, King Shakey Band.

Gateshead Tavern Friday, Got It Covered. Sunday, 2 To The Floor.

General Roberts Hotel Sunday, Darren.

Grand Junction Hotel Friday, Fish Fry & Pow Wow. Sunday, The Soul Movers.

Great Northern Hotel Newcastle Friday, Mark Wells. Saturday, Kylie Jane Duo.

Gunyah Hotel Saturday, Jump. Sunday, Glen Harrison.

Hamilton Station Hotel Wednesday, No Names, The Manual Age, Sonder. Thursday, Empire Within, Grip Down, Virescent, Low-Key Affair. Friday, Strummer Of Love ft. The Terranullius, Trashed Again, Boss Melody.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Tre Soul Band. Saturday, Hummingbirds. Sunday, TomKat.

Horse & Jockey Hotel Friday, Tim Usher.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Soundabout.

Iron Horse Inn Saturday, Hayden Johns.

Jewells Tavern Friday, The Snape Trilogy. Saturday, Jarred Taylor Band.

The Junction Hotel Friday, Jake Davey. Saturday, Tim Harding.

Kent Hotel Friday, Overload. Saturday, Pocket Aces. Sunday, The Smarts.

King Street Hotel Friday, Anderex & XDream.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Emily Smith. Sunday, Pete Hibbert.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Sunday, Murray Byfield.

Lass O'Gowrie Hotel Friday, Crosstown Killers, Saint Spook, Sugargob. Saturday, Underachiever, All In A Year, Knifey Spoony.

Lizotte's Wednesday-Thursday, Busby Marou, Adam Eckersley. Friday, 19-Twenty. Sunday, Allison Forbes (lunch), Stomping Ivories (dinner).

Lucky Hotel Friday, DJ Tone. Saturday, Matt Gaudry. Sunday, Mak.

Mary Ellen Hotel Friday, Bad Paris. Saturday, Grant Walmsley Duo.

Maryland Tavern Saturday, Full Throttle.

Mattara Hotel Saturday, Bobby C.

Mayfield Ex-Services Thursday, Solid Gold Party Night. Friday, Hayden Johns. Saturday, Phonic Trio.

Mayfield Hotel Saturday, Brendan Watson.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers Friday, Easy Daze. Saturday, All Access 80's. Sunday, Tyler Chapman.

Nag's Head Hotel Friday, Glen Harrison. Saturday, Zane Penn.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Friday, Nick Rage. Sunday, Reggie Sinclair.

Newcastle Hotel Sunday, Human Movement of Leisure.

Northern Star Hotel Friday, TK Vibez. Saturday, Dani Mani, Guy Richards.

Northumberland Hotel Wednesday, Northo Jam Session.

Peden's Hotel Friday, Luke Davis. Saturday, The Core.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Kazbah Duo, Zane Penn. Saturday, Katie & Feff. Sunday, Jackson Halliday.

Prince of Wales Hotel Saturday, Adam Miller Trio.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, James Paul, Mak. Saturday, Marissa+2, Beth Gleeson. Sunday, Trancemission, Wharf Life.

Roche Estate Saturday, Red Hot Summer ft. Hunters & Collectors, James Reyne, The Living End, Baby Animals, The Angels, Killing Heidi, Boom Crash Opera.

Royal Hotel Waratah Friday, Sami Cooke.

Seven Seas Hotel Friday, The Outliers.

Shaft Tavern Friday, Dave McCredie.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Thursday, Pop Standen & The Prince Of Promises. Friday, The Hurricanes, Everything's Archie, The Time Travellers. Saturday, The Pits.

Stockton Bowling Club Friday, Karen Soper. Saturday, The After Party, Service 30 with Leighton Smith.

Stockton RSL Club Saturday, The Moon Dogs. Sunday, Mark Wells.

Swansea Hotel Thursday, Reggie Sinclair. Friday, Jackson Halliday. Saturday, Dreamcatchers. Sunday, Nineties AF.

Swansea RSL Club Saturday, Club Remix. Sunday, Pete McCredie.

Swansea-Belmont Surf Club Sunday, Gerda.

Swansea Workers Club Sunday, Dave McCredie.

Toronto Diggers Friday, Anthony Lee.

Toronto Hotel Sunday, The Black Sorrows.

Toronto Workers Saturday, Project X.

Vault 73 Thursday, Open Mic.

Vincent St Kitchen & Bar Cessnock Friday, Mick Jones. Saturday, Sari Jade & Spike.

Wangi Hotel Sunday, Simon King.

Wangi Wangi RSL Club Sunday, Paul White.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Kristy James. Saturday, Troy Kemp.

Warners Bay Hotel Saturday, Overload.

Warners Bay Sports Club Saturday, Live At The Lake Bushfire Fundraiser ft. Codi Pollock, Maddi, Jordan Snowden, Lucas O'Connell, Ian Papworth, Midway, The Glendrix Experience, Three Seven, Silver Rocker, Science Rockets, Adrenaline Crush.

Wests Cardiff Saturday, Love That Hat.

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus. Friday, Phonic Trio. Saturday, Cruzers. Tuesday, Angamus.

Wests NEX Thursday, Pennywise (USA), Strung Out (USA), No Fun At All (SWE). Saturday, 2GoodReasons.

West Wallsend Workers Club Friday, Out Of Control.

Wickham Park Hotel Friday, Brien & Candy. Saturday, Viagro. Sunday, Floyd Vincent & The Temple Dogs.

Windale-Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, Nathan Cole.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Mark Lee. Sunday, Darren Rolling Keys.