ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | Making school of the home easier

Making school of the home easier

Many rural families have been learning from home through distance education for years, and have great knowledge to share.

1. Prioritise relationships

It's vital to build strong relationships between students, parents and educators to make up for the lack of face-to-face contact.

2. Set a routine

Agree on home classroom rules, which might include:

- Speaking respectfully

- Trying things even when they're hard

- Completing work in agreed timeframes

3. Teach kids to have a go

- Turn negative self-talk into helpful actions

- Show kids how to approach tasks that they don't enjoy, such as breaking tasks into small chunks

- Tick off tasks for a sense of accomplishment

4. Accept that things won't always work

No system is perfect and sometimes tech will crash!

5. Make room for sadness

Talk to your children about what they're missing and assure them it's okay to feel sad, while also encouraging hope.

6. Celebrate what you're learning

Remote learning can teach independence, responsibility and discipline

7. Celebrate what you're learning.

Thanks to the Broken Hill School of the Air and Alice Springs School of the Air for their terrific insights.

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