Isolation survival: Six fun activities for the kids to try this week

You might not be able to grow a maze like this in your backyard, but there are other ways of building mazes at home.
You might not be able to grow a maze like this in your backyard, but there are other ways of building mazes at home.

Children's University Australasia, a project of universities across the country, is joining with ACM, the publisher of this website, to suggest home-based activities that will provide some entertainment and opportunities for learning while families are living in coronavirus-imposed isolation.

The activities are designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and self-reflection. But most importantly they're designed to be fun.

Try these six challenges on for size!

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Mazes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be so big that you can walk through them, or small enough to fit in a pen! Your challenge is to use materials from around the house to create your own maze. You might wish to use LEGO, straws, cardboard or even twigs as your boundaries, but you must make sure it is solvable.

Newspaper Shoes

Use a newspaper to make some shoes! Using only newspaper and glue, create a pair of shoes which fit your feet. Create a video of you walking in them, or step-by-step instructions (pardon the pun) for a friend or family member to create their own.

Sandwich Challenge

Did you know that America has a National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, celebrated on April 2 each year, to honour its signature sandwiches? What do you think our national sandwich should be? Design your sandwich, which must have more than one filling, make it and enjoy!

Pets rock!

Pets can be fantastic companions - but they are a lot of work! You need to feed them, exercise them, train them and clean up behind them! Wouldn't it be great to have a pet that didn't require any of that? Well, here's an idea: adopt a pet rock. Find a suitable rock (of any size), colour and/or decorate and give it a name.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose...

Tackle pollution at home. Re-purpose any plastic household item into something completely new! You might create a pencil pot, a wind chime, a bird feeder, a herb planter, or an outdoor sprinkler ... the options are endless! Use your imagination to come up with something useful and creative.

Over and out

The radio has been one of the most important inventions in human history, changing the way we communicate and shaping entertainment all over the world. Your challenge is to produce and record your own, two-minute radio segment. It could be a news or weather report, a song, an interview or even a funny anecdote or a story you've written - so long as it's your own voice making up the airwave. You can record your segment on a smartphone or computer and play it for your family.



  • Make activities fun, avoid creating stress
  • Spend time doing the activities together, each task is achievable
  • Be guided by your child, let them lead the activity
  • There is no one way of doing a task, be creative, have fun