ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | How you can make the world a kinder place

How you can make the world a kinder place

At this time of isolation, we need kindness more than ever, so here are some ideas.

Share good advice

Kids Helpline polled young people about how they cope with isolation.

  • Listening to music and writing about the experience of lockdown
  • Setting goals and using mindfulness colouring books
  • Turn off the news
  • Time with my dog and cooking

Meanwhile, young people around the world are sharing their stories via UNICEF.

Their tips include:

  • Origami
  • Keeping a diary
  • Cooking
  • Playing music
  • Handcrafts

Help people in need

Many youngsters are doing kind things like donating their pocket money to charity or leaving non-perishable groceries in 'community pantries'.

Young people in some of the poorest countries are leading amazing projects, including installing hand-washing stations in neighbourhoods without sanitation, and making and giving out hand sanitiser according to the WHO recipe.

Lift spirits through art

You might have heard about the 'bear hunts', where families display teddy bears in their windows and outside their houses to help people feel more connected to their neighbourhoods.

Then there's the 'Rainbow Trail', where kids and adults use colourful chalk to draw pictures, hopscotch and messages of hope and humour on the footpaths outside their homes.

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