Belmont Neighbourhood Centre running a Youth Week Tik Tok video challenge

PHONES OUT: Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is running a Youth Week Tik Tok video challenge.
PHONES OUT: Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is running a Youth Week Tik Tok video challenge.

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is challenging youths to get creative during lockdown and create themed Tik Tok videos for a chance to win a prize.

The most creative video submitted in each of the remaining two challenge categories will win a $100 Charlestown Square gift voucher.

"Many local events for Youth Week were cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. With so many youth at home at the moment, we have decided to run a Youth Week video competition," Chris Brown from Belmont Neighbourhood Centre said.

The Tik Tok Video Challenge asks youths to create a video - there are three categories with three different themes - and send them to Belmont Neighbourhood Centre by the cut off date.

Tik Tok is a fun social media app that allows people to create and share videos. Tik Tok's difference is that videos are typically short, about 15 seconds, and are often produced in-app to music and sounds.

While the app hosts a wide variety of video content, it is known for its 'trend' videos where users create a dance or skit to a popular song or sounds.

Category one of the youth centre's Tik Tok Video Challenge, which closed on April 26, was self-care. It asked entrants to create a video showing how they were having fun at home while taking care of their mental health.

The current category, open until Sunday, May 10, is DIY cosplay.

Youths are invited to make a Tik Tok video showcasing their DIY costumes.

"Get creative, make your own props and dress up as your favourite character," the challenge asks.

Entries can be submitted to the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre Facebook page, @belmont_neighbourhood_centre on Instagram of @bncyouth on Tik Tok.

The third and final category is ultimate lunch. Entries for category three close on May 31.

"What do you do during your lunch break? Send us a video of how you take your lunch break to the next level. The most creative, funny video wins," the challenge states.