New COVID-19 rule changes to be announced this weekend

New Victorian coronavirus rule changes to be announced this weekend

Victorians can expect rules for a "COVID-safe summer" to be announced this weekend.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Premier Daniel Andrews said he would announce the further easing of restrictions on Sunday.

While not going into detail about what rules will be changed, Mr Andrews said he expected them to remain in place for a number of months.

Recently, he has made all major rules announcement on Sundays.

"On Sunday I'll have more to say about changes to the rules, we're finalising those later in the week," he said.

"We had some meetings yesterday, there'll be further meetings throughout the week and I think that will be good news for people right across Victoria.

"It will mark a really important phase, we will lock in a set of rules for a few months for that COVID-safe summer."


Victoria moved to the last step of the state government's COVID-19 recovery on November 22.

Victorians will be able to host about 30 people in their homes for Christmas Day, with babies under 12 months not included in the cap.

That change is expected to come into effect from December 14.

Currently the number of visitors allowed inside a home is 15.

Changes in effect from now for regional Victoria


  • Masks no longer mandatory outside if able to maintain physical distance
  • Must still be worn indoors and carried at all times
  • 15 people allowed at home gatherings, up from two
  • Similarly, 15 people can book to stay in holiday accommodation
  • 50 people can gather outdoors, up from 10
  • Large hospitality venues (more than 200 square metres) can have up to 150 people indoors, small venues 50 people
  • Total hospitality venue cap of 300 people
  • Gyms allowed 150 people in groups up to 20
  • 150 people able to attend weddings, funerals and indoor religious gatherings
  • Same 150-person cap applies to cinemas, galleries and museums
  • Karaoke, arcades, escape rooms and bingo centres also allowed 150 people, with a 20-person group limit
  • National Gallery of Victoria and large theatres can operate at 25 per cent capacity, excluding staff
  • No person or time limits on care facility or hospital visits
  • 150 people allowed in strip clubs, 50 for brothels
  • Contact and non-contact sports can have 150 people indoors and 500 outdoors, with group sizes of up to 20 and five respectively


  • Up to 25 per cent of staff able to return to office workplaces, excludes public sector


  • 30 visitors allowed over to homes each day for gatherings including Christmas. Babies under 12 months won't count.
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